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Isn’t that a catchy title? And the two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other. LOL

Fingernails. I nearly cry every time I have to cut mine. I used to long for my fingernails to grow fast because they broke so much. I love long fingernails (not REALLY long, but a nice length). But, alas, I can’t type well on my computer with long fingernails. I make too many errors and it’s not comfortable. So I have to keep them fairly short. And now that I’m taking good vitamins, they grow so fast! Grrrrr.

Eyelashes. I could talk about how I’m experimenting with Mary Kay’s eyelash serum, but that’s not what this is about. This is about one of my cats. My tabby, Willow, was lying beside my head on the couch. She kept poking me in the eye with her nose, and I couldn’t figure out what she was doing. Then I started watching her. Every time I would blink, she would stare at me and turn her head slightly to the side. Then she would start poking around in my eye. I finally figured out she was fascinated with my eyelashes and was trying to play with them. It tickled so much and I was laughing so hard. There have been times when my kittens have been a lot of work and trouble. But it’s times like these that make me SO glad I have them. 🙂


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The two subjects in the title have nothing to do with each other. But I wanted to blog about both of them, so I combined them. LOL.

I almost didn’t tell this one. But, hey, I share. 🙂 Anyway…Tuesday night, I fell asleep on the couch, which isn’t unusual. I woke up at almost 1:00 am with a sharp burning pain in my side. I walked, sat, lay down, but I couldn’t get any relief. The pain was too high to be appendicitis and not far enough toward my back to be kidney stones. The scary thing to me was that the pain was basically where my lung is, and I’ve been paranoid about blood clots in the lung since my best friend died from that last year. I finally put my clothes on, put my contact lens back in, and called my mom. Yes, I woke my 77 year old mom up at 1:15 in the morning. She came to my house (she only lives two houses down) and we talked about whether or not I should go to the emergency room. Finally, we decided it was better to be safe, so she drove me to the hospital. Before we even arrived, my pain just vanished. We sat in the hospital parking lot waiting to see if it came back, but it never did. So there was no way I was going to pay for an emergency room visit, since my $1500 deductible hasn’t been met, if I had no pain. So we drove back home. I apologized to my mom, but she said she didn’t have anything else to do. LOL. So we decided we would just say it was an adventure. She seems to think that it’s possible I slept wrong and strained the muscles in my side. I do have a problem where my side muscles cramp up sometimes if I move a certain way, and the pain is excruciating for about a minute, then it goes away. So it could be related to that somehow. Anyway, I was scared. I kept thinking of all the things I had left undone in case I died. I hadn’t given my husband the password to our online payment accounts. The people at work don’t know my password for a lot of things they would need to know if I wasn’t there. Lesson learned? Make sure all your stuff is taken care of in case you croak in the middle of the night. LOL

Okay, after that rather bizarre story, here is something sweet and cute to look at. My two kittens.



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Yesterday my boss let me work from home the second half of the day because it was too hot for my kittens to stay outside in their cage. They have a fan blowing on them out there, but 105 is too hot for them to be out there. I think it’s just awesome that my employer had enough concern for my cats that they let me do that. My kitties were glad to be able to be in the house for hours. It’s going to be that hot again today, and I’m getting ready to let them in soon.

I’ve started cooking lately. I got my first shipment of cheese, butter, Devon cream, and tampenade from igourmet.com. I’ve tried the cave aged Emmental (Swiss) and it’s delicious. I’m planning on making au gratin potatoes with the Emmental and the Devon cream for dinner tonight. My husband will probably think the cheese is too strong, so I might have to fix another potato dish for him. LOL. And I’m making meatloaf in my Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker. In the MICROWAVE. I never thought I would cook meat in my microwave, but it’s the best meatloaf I’ve ever had. And I made Burrito Bake in it the other day. I also made a cheesy rice dish I found in my Fine Cooking magazine. I LOVE that magazine. I’m becoming a cooking machine. LOL

I’m currently in the process of proofing the Libby Fox trilogy again for print. Even though it’s in ebook form already, I always go through another proofing for each print book because it’s a lot harder to correct typos after a book is in print than when they’re in ebook form. Besides, I get to read it again that way, and I have a fondness for Libby and Adam. 🙂

I’m just lazing around today. It’s too hot to go outside, even though my rose bushes really need watering. Maybe later this evening….

Okay, I’m off to let Willow and Oz in. They can spend some time annoying my husband. LOL

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1. Writing – I haven’t written a word. I was so floored by my blood pressure situation that I decided to concentrate on health last week. Plus, I’ve spent HOURS preparing to teach Vacation Bible School. I hope I can get back on track on writing this week. I’ll be at VBS every night this week, but hopefully I can come home and write. I still need to get the junk off my desk in my office (piled up to get stuff out of the living room when I had my Pampered Chef party). I write better in my office instead of in the living room with the TV on.

2. Kittens – The kittens played non-stop for 6 hours in the house yesterday. It was like having two toddlers in the house. I had to constantly watch them to keep them out of trouble. They knocked over a plant, but I think I fixed it so hubby doesn’t find out. LOL. After six hours, they plopped down in hubby’s recliner and snoozed. I did decide on Willow and Oz for names.

3. Health – My goal is to walk five times a week. I started all of this Wednesday. I walked on the treadmill Wednesday after church and at lunch on Thursday and Friday. That was three times, but I didn’t start until the middle of the week. I’m learning to leave stuff on my plate, so I have leftovers from both last night and from lunch today. Actually, I have more than half of today’s lunch left over. I still haven’t been to the grocery store, so not much cooking done. With VBS all week, I may not get to the cooking until after that’s over. Oh, and I forgot to weigh this morning, so I guess I won’t be reporting weight loss (or gain) until next week.

4. Movie thoughts -We went to see Men in Black 3 last night since it was hubby’s birthday and that’s what he wanted to do. It was good, but not as good as the first two, in my opinion. I loved the first one. It’s one of my favorite movies.

How did YOU do last week?

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Kittens Playing

I know I haven’t posted pictures of my kittens since I first got them, and they were in their cage. So I thought I would share with you this video I made.

The tabby’s main objective: Play with the pencil
The black kitten’s main objective: Streak through the video from time to time, pouncing on the tabby.

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Writing is going a little better. I wrote over 800 words on Monday. Last night, I didn’t write because I was busy putting Pampered Chef orders in bags. I couldn’t believe how long that took! And I was also trying to watch two kittens so I could keep them out of trouble. They kept knocking over my digital picture frame and climbing into my basket of clean clothes. *sigh*

I’ve been working on formatting a print version of a compilation of three novellas I wrote some time ago. The novellas included in this version are Club Blood, See Me, and Guardian Vampire. Since two of the stories are about vampires and one is about a ghost, I jokingly said I should call it “Loving the Dead and the Undead”. I got so many comments from people saying they really LIKED the title. So I kept it. And the title looks good on the cover. 🙂 This book is ready to submit, but I have a dilemma. I’m getting ready to go on vacation next week, so if I submit it now, the proof copy will come while I’m gone. (CreateSpace is QUICK about sending the proof.) So I’m thinking about submitting it while I’m on vacation and trying to time it so it will be there as soon as I get back or maybe a day or two before. I don’t know. I can’t decide. Anyway, I thought I would go ahead and let you guys see the cover and tell me what you think. The final pdf file has the novellas in a different order, but it was easier to post the original jpg file here. In the the final copy, See Me will come before Guardian Vampire.

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1. Ok, I might as well admit right now that I haven’t been writing. About 10-12 years ago, I had some pretty bad hand pain, mostly deep down in that fat area under my thumb. Maybe down in the thumb joint. I even went to an orthopedist who said there was some arthritis, but not enough to cause me that kind of pain. They couldn’t find anything else. I was given an excruciatingly painful cortisone shot that did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Gradually, through the years, the pain lessened to something very manageable. I almost didn’t notice it anymore. Then, in the past week, the pain suddenly flared up and I could barely use my right hand. It was scary, but it’s better now. Maybe I just injured it somehow and didn’t know it. That kept me from writing for several days, but I was feeling better and was going to write Saturday. I had all day to tinker with my story. However…we have a clothing giveaway at church once a month, and it wasn’t my group, but I ended up volunteering to help. Because NO ONE will do their job! There was only ONE person from the group that was supposed to do this…everyone else was volunteers. It’s true that 10% of the people do 90% of the work, especially in church. Oh, and then my husband says we’re going to leave right after this thing is over (at noon) and go to the movies. So my day is shot. I came home from the movies and went to sleep at about 4:00. Grrrrrr.

2. We went to see Battleship. I loved this movie! Lots of action, characters that grow, and moments that made me cry. And moments that made me want to pump my fist and say “Yes!” I feel stupid, though…I didn’t know that the movie was based on the game with the same name. LOL

3. My kittens are still as adorable as ever. Even if I do have to sweep up dirt from the potted plants. And we have one climbing plant that was wrapped around a broad stake that’s stuck in the dirt. Not anymore. The plant is no longer wrapped around the stake. The kittens tried to climb the stake. I need to buy them a climbing/scratching post.

4. Six days and counting until my vacation. I really want to get some major writing done during this vacation. The trick will be to get up before anyone else and write. That shouldn’t be to difficult. I’m the only early riser of the bunch. 🙂

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I know this is a late check in, but I’m trying to be a better employee and not do too much personal stuff at work. And I had church tonight, so this is the first time I’ve really gotten to sit down and do anything.

I finally started back on the writing last night. I only got a little over 400 words down, even though I sat at the computer for almost an hour. This is partly because I changed a couple of things I had written earlier. I know most people think you should write a first draft, then do all the editing later. I work better if I edit as I go, then I have a cleaner first draft when I’m finished. When I think of something I want to add or change, I usually do it right then. Anyway, those changes plus a little snag slowed my word count down. The snag was because I couldn’t figure out what a certain artifact was supposed to do. I’ve done a little brainstorming with hubby, and I think we’ll come up with something. He’s proven to be a lot of help lately. He had a lot of input in The Gnome. One of the major ideas in the book was his. He’s come a long way from back when he was calling my writing a hobby. LOL

On the kitten front. I’ve been letting them come in the house and play some in the afternoons. Monday, instead of staying under the couch like they did the first time, they decided it would be fun to get into my potted plant and fling dirt everywhere. I tried to sweep up all the dirt before my husband saw it, but they can fling faster than I can sweep. 🙂 I just had to wait and clean up later. I WILL eventually get pictures, but right now I can’t get them to slow down enough. They’re just a blur of fur and claws.

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I need an intervention. I’m addicted to Words with Friends. And Draw Something. And Solitaire. Stupid iPad. I have to learn to put the iPad down and not pick it up until I’m finished with important things. You know, like writing. And housework. And exercise. I haven’t touched my WIP in a week. I’m disgusted with myself, and I’m determined to get back on track this week. The vacation’s over.

Speaking of vacation, I’m going to Panama City Beach in a couple of weeks. I really hope to get a lot of writing done that week. What better place and time to write…out on the balcony, listening to the ocean, drinking my morning coffee…

My kittens are still as cute as ever and really seem to be happy in their ginormous cage. I’ve watched them climb and play. I let them in the house last week, and I was planning on getting some pics and videos, but they seemed to only want to play under the couch. On the bright side, they do clean out the dust bunnies under there. I had to pick dust off fur and off whiskers. LOL

Hubby and I went to see The Avengers yesterday. Such a great movie! I could definitely see the Joss Whedon influence, especially with all the snarky comments. Of course, Tony Stark was his usually smart a** self. I loved his lines. Of course, I enjoyed the Tony Stark and Thor eye candy. 🙂 I had heard that the Hulk was a scene stealer, and I kept telling my husband I just didn’t see it. But I realized that came later in the movie. The Hulk did a couple of things that even got my husband laughing out loud. If you haven’t seen this movie, you need to go. See it on the big screen, don’t wait for the DVD.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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My Kittens!

I have my two kittens! They are adorable! Words can’t describe them, so here are pictures. The first picture is just a picture of the empty playpen after I put it together. The second picture is the precious one. 🙂

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