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What? It’s Wednesday already? How did that happen?

My WIP is coming right along. I might do a cover reveal tomorrow because my cover artist, Anya, is getting antsy, wanting to put it on her website. LOL. Yesterday, I wrote through the scene with the first challenge/riddle. I think it went okay, but I haven’t read back through it yet. I have two more challenges to go before they have to fight a creature. Then I’ll have to do a major action scene which always scares me, but which one of my beta readers says I do well. Action is hard for me to write, but my beta reader said she loved my action scenes in The Gnome, so I hope I can do okay in this book.

How about the rest of you? Are you plodding along? Moving quickly? Doing nothing? I want to know!

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Just a quick check in before I go to church. 🙂

Word count last week was: Mon-2129, Thurs-1928, Fri-911. I didn’t write as many days as I would have liked last week. Stuff just happened that got in the way, but at least it wasn’t that whiny “I don’t feel like writing” that was happening to me last round. Besides, my word counts are so much higher than they used to be, I’m still writing more per week even when I only write three days.

Exercise was so-so last week. Eating…also iffy, but not bad.

Proofing for print on Vampires’ Curse didn’t happen. There was a lot going on last week, but, hopefully, this week will be calmer. I’m also trying to use my time more wisely.

I hope everyone is having a great day!

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I need an intervention. I’m addicted to Words with Friends. And Draw Something. And Solitaire. Stupid iPad. I have to learn to put the iPad down and not pick it up until I’m finished with important things. You know, like writing. And housework. And exercise. I haven’t touched my WIP in a week. I’m disgusted with myself, and I’m determined to get back on track this week. The vacation’s over.

Speaking of vacation, I’m going to Panama City Beach in a couple of weeks. I really hope to get a lot of writing done that week. What better place and time to write…out on the balcony, listening to the ocean, drinking my morning coffee…

My kittens are still as cute as ever and really seem to be happy in their ginormous cage. I’ve watched them climb and play. I let them in the house last week, and I was planning on getting some pics and videos, but they seemed to only want to play under the couch. On the bright side, they do clean out the dust bunnies under there. I had to pick dust off fur and off whiskers. LOL

Hubby and I went to see The Avengers yesterday. Such a great movie! I could definitely see the Joss Whedon influence, especially with all the snarky comments. Of course, Tony Stark was his usually smart a** self. I loved his lines. Of course, I enjoyed the Tony Stark and Thor eye candy. 🙂 I had heard that the Hulk was a scene stealer, and I kept telling my husband I just didn’t see it. But I realized that came later in the movie. The Hulk did a couple of things that even got my husband laughing out loud. If you haven’t seen this movie, you need to go. See it on the big screen, don’t wait for the DVD.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Monday, I sat down at the computer and wrote 710 words. But that was only in about 30 minutes, and I was supposed to sit at the computer for an hour. The thing is, I realized I had to get my Mary Kay order in by 9:00 that night, and it was after 8:30. Yikes! Then, when I got back to the computer, I decided to try to finish formatting a print book. I had allotted 30 minutes for that. It ended up taking me an hour and a half to finish because the page numbers kept changing on me. I won’t go into a long explanation about why, but I had to change a bunch of things, then go back through it and make sure, again, that the page numbers were correct. Grrr. I was going to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes…wrong. In the middle of my walk, I had to stop and go to the bathroom.

Tuesday, I sat down to write. After 309 words, I had a stomach cramp so bad that I was doubled over in pain. I had to lie down. If you’re a guy, you might want to stop reading now. It felt like someone was twisting one of my ovaries. Needless to say, even after the pain had abated, I didn’t feel like doing anything, so I lay down on the couch and watched TV the rest of the night. I have NO idea where that pain came from! At my age, it shouldn’t be happening.

Yeah, I know. TMI.

BTW, I’ve learned to be careful what tags to use on my posts. If, for instance, I enter a tag about “stomach pain” or “exercise”, I get hits from those search terms. Sometimes, that’s not a good thing. LOL

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I realized that I completely forgot my Wednesday check in last week. I posted something else on that day instead of my check in. Oh well, a missed check in every once in awhile won’t kill me.

I only managed to write 1538 words last week. That is NOT acceptable to me! There were a number of factors involved in my lack of productivity. One of them was a migraine that lasted off and on for two days. The off and on was because of taking medicine, then it wearing off. I also have a “bladder irritation”, which I’ve had before. So having those both at the same time, I was torn between taking medicine for one or the other, since neither medicine would work for both, and I shouldn’t take them together. So I decided to take care of both problems with a couple of doses of hydrocodone. LOL. It at least allowed me to get through a function at church Saturday afternoon and a birthday part Saturday night without moaning in pain. Okay, enough about that stuff! Maybe I sort of had excuses for lack of productivity with the health issues and having my son, his girlfriend, and her baby come to visit one night. Come on, who can write when there’s a baby to enjoy? Such a darling little one year old. 🙂

I’m going to have to buckle down and do what I’m supposed to this week. I need to set aside time for my WIP, time for formatting two books for print, and time for exercise. Wednesday and Thursday are both tied up with church classes until at least 8:00 PM. It’s hard to come in and make myself work on days when stuff is going on that late after I’ve worked all day. Maybe on those two nights, I can have abbreviated schedules where I work on each thing for half the time. That’s better than not doing it at all, right?

Are any of the rest of you struggling with juggling writing with other things? (Hey, did you see how I had rhyming words in that sentence???)

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Yesterday, I spent my lunch hour here at work editing The Gnome. I did this because I knew I wasn’t going to get to do it last night. Because I went to get an iPad! I’m so excited! I have the brand new one with the awesome graphics. I’ve never seen such a crystal clear display. I’ve already downloaded Words with Friends and a Bible app. Oh, and I loaded the iBook app and downloaded samples of my books to check the formatting. They looked great!

Here was one of my biggest concerns. I really wanted to be able to write on the iPad, too, so I could take it instead of my computer when I went out of town. But I didn’t know if I could export from the iPad to a Word document on my PC. I LOVE YouTube! I found a tutorial that showed that I could do just that. So I figure what I’ll do is export to a word document, fix any formatting problems, then copy/paste into my current WIP. What do you guys think? Do any of you work on the iPad sometimes, then on a PC sometimes? This process is probably easier if you have a Mac instead of a PC. 🙂

I hope to finish edits on The Gnome tonight or tomorrow night.

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I think things at work have finally slowed down for me, so I’m not quite as tired every day. I plan to start getting back to more blog reading and commenting this afternoon.

I don’t know how many of you read my post about time vs. word count, so I’ll go over it quickly again here, since many ROW80ers don’t read blogs except for check ins on the linky tools. I’ve found that I need to change from word count goals to time goals. This came about because I sat in front of the computer the other day and couldn’t do anything but write a few words then change them around. I ended up with somewhere between 250-300 words that day instead of my 700+.So I decided I would start making myself sit down for at least 45 minutes a day and write…or at least try. I’m going to sit there no matter what happens. That time will be my writing time. I started that yesterday. I ended up writing for an hour and 15 minutes and wrote 1577 words (yeah, I know I’m not supposed to worry about word count, LOL). I think this method is going to work for me this round. I’ll do my 45 minutes whether I’m on a roll or whether I feel like I’m being imprisoned and tortured. 🙂

So how about the rest of you? Have you had to make any adjustments for this round? How did things go last week?

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