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This week has been so hectic with Vacation Bible School. My usual schedule is to work out during lunch 4 days a week at the gym, alternating arm work and leg work. Today is arm day. I HATE arm day. I feel like such a wimp. I LOVE leg day. I feel more powerful on leg day. Anyway, I usually walk on the treadmill at home in the evenings for about 45 minutes (long enough to watch a show on Netflix). With this hectic week, I’ve skipped two days of walking. By the time I get home, and get stuff done, it’s 9:30, and that’s way too late to walk if I plan on getting any sleep. So I’ve been walking about 10 minutes in the mornings to make up a little of it. I actually RAN for one minute of the 10 this morning. My legs didn’t like it. LOL

I mentioned last week that I had gained 6 lbs. My weight has gone up and down all week long. I learned in my 15 years experience at Weight Watchers, that it’s not good to weigh every day while losing weight. Once a week is best. But I just had to know what was going on with my weight. This morning, I was back down to within 1/2 lb. of my lowest weight, so I’m back on track. I would REALLY like to get down into the 160’s next week. *crosses fingers*

Okay…time to go work out those arms! Ugh.


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Ha! I bet that title got your attention. What in the world do sweat and Supernatural have in common? Well, I’m about to tell you.

I always hook up my headphones to my iPad and watch Netflix while walking on my treadmill. I’ve had this show queued up on Netflix for a long time. My daughter-in-law likes it, and we usually have the same taste, so I thought I would give it a try. I’ve seen two episodes, and I am in love with it. It’s my kind of show!

So, the sweat part. It helps to watch Netflix while I’m on the treadmill because my mind always has to be doing something, and walking is kind of mindless. But I can’t help but feel the sweat, even when I’m concentrating on the show I’m watching. I HATE to sweat. And yet, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I do. That means I’m exerting myself enough, because I really don’t sweat that easily (except when I have hot flashes). Some more good news…my homemade deodorant is holding up through all the sweating. All it contains is coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and patchouli essential oil. It’s supposed to have baking soda, too, but it makes me break out, so I had to leave that off. But it’s still working. I smell like patchouli! 🙂

Speaking of homemade. I just dusted the furniture with homemade furniture spray. I’m washing clothes with homemade washing powder. Later, I’ll wash my hair with homemade shampoo and moisturize my face with homemade moisturizer. I’m loving this natural stuff!

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Even though we are on a break between ROW80 rounds, I still want to continue to report progress on Sundays, even if just for myself. If not one person reads it, I’m still putting words down about what’s going on, so it helps me stay focused.

Writing: Mon-1119, Tues-1061, Thurs-722, and Sat-920. I’m a little disappointed in Saturday because that’s the day I have more time, but this Saturday I knew I was going to a wedding, so I felt kind of rushed. I’m one of those people who have a hard time focusing on something if I know something else is kind of hanging over my head. LOL

Exercise: Monday, Tuesday, and Friday I walked at lunch. 20 minutes the first two days, and 30 minutes on Friday. I have trouble getting back to work on time if I walk 30 minutes, so I need to start taking my lunch instead of going out. That’s another reason I had the plea on my blog yesterday for help finding foods. I want to start cooking more. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I rode my bike after work. That’s pretty brutal in 90 degree weather, but at least there’s a breeze when you’re riding that you don’t get when you walk. LOL

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1. Writing – I haven’t written a word. I was so floored by my blood pressure situation that I decided to concentrate on health last week. Plus, I’ve spent HOURS preparing to teach Vacation Bible School. I hope I can get back on track on writing this week. I’ll be at VBS every night this week, but hopefully I can come home and write. I still need to get the junk off my desk in my office (piled up to get stuff out of the living room when I had my Pampered Chef party). I write better in my office instead of in the living room with the TV on.

2. Kittens – The kittens played non-stop for 6 hours in the house yesterday. It was like having two toddlers in the house. I had to constantly watch them to keep them out of trouble. They knocked over a plant, but I think I fixed it so hubby doesn’t find out. LOL. After six hours, they plopped down in hubby’s recliner and snoozed. I did decide on Willow and Oz for names.

3. Health – My goal is to walk five times a week. I started all of this Wednesday. I walked on the treadmill Wednesday after church and at lunch on Thursday and Friday. That was three times, but I didn’t start until the middle of the week. I’m learning to leave stuff on my plate, so I have leftovers from both last night and from lunch today. Actually, I have more than half of today’s lunch left over. I still haven’t been to the grocery store, so not much cooking done. With VBS all week, I may not get to the cooking until after that’s over. Oh, and I forgot to weigh this morning, so I guess I won’t be reporting weight loss (or gain) until next week.

4. Movie thoughts -We went to see Men in Black 3 last night since it was hubby’s birthday and that’s what he wanted to do. It was good, but not as good as the first two, in my opinion. I loved the first one. It’s one of my favorite movies.

How did YOU do last week?

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Since I decided I was going back to walking, especially in light of the recent sunny weather, I knew I needed some new walking shoes. I’ve been a big fan of New Balance for years, but my friend decided to get some Shape Ups by Skechers. She loves hers. So I thought I would give them a try. I ended up actually getting Tone Ups instead of Shape Ups because the tongue of the shoe bothered me on the Shape Ups. Otherwise, they were really comfy. Anyway, these shoes are supposed to tone up your legs and butt. And I’m telling you…my muscles were definitely feeling it after about a 45 minute walk. And there was so much cushion in these shoes!

So, wasn’t that an exciting post? LOL. I’m just really psyched about getting back into exercise. Thanks, Kait, for inspiring me even more. Although I was going to start walking again, anyway, it helps to know I’m not alone. :0)

As far as eating goes…I’m still working on those portion sizes.

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