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Isn’t that a catchy title? And the two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other. LOL

Fingernails. I nearly cry every time I have to cut mine. I used to long for my fingernails to grow fast because they broke so much. I love long fingernails (not REALLY long, but a nice length). But, alas, I can’t type well on my computer with long fingernails. I make too many errors and it’s not comfortable. So I have to keep them fairly short. And now that I’m taking good vitamins, they grow so fast! Grrrrr.

Eyelashes. I could talk about how I’m experimenting with Mary Kay’s eyelash serum, but that’s not what this is about. This is about one of my cats. My tabby, Willow, was lying beside my head on the couch. She kept poking me in the eye with her nose, and I couldn’t figure out what she was doing. Then I started watching her. Every time I would blink, she would stare at me and turn her head slightly to the side. Then she would start poking around in my eye. I finally figured out she was fascinated with my eyelashes and was trying to play with them. It tickled so much and I was laughing so hard. There have been times when my kittens have been a lot of work and trouble. But it’s times like these that make me SO glad I have them. 🙂

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