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ROW80 Check-In 11/12/14

2014-02-12 15.26.34

Since this post is short and sweet, I’ll make it more interesting with a picture.

Nothing too exciting to report. I’m finally back on track with my WIP, I think. First, I fell out of love with it. Then I got sick. But, now, things are better. I’ve written the past two days, so it’s all coming back, I think. 🙂

That’s all, folks!


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I probably shouldn’t be doing this at work since I’m so busy, but most people get scheduled breaks. I don’t, so I just take breaks when I can. And this counts as a break. LOL

In the wee hours of the morning, while I was fast asleep, I was awakened by my husband saying, “Get off, get off, get off!” I jumped out of bed, and yelled, “What?!” His reply? “Oh, I was talking to the cat.” I did get a giggle out of that, so I wasn’t mad that he woke me up. Apparently, the cat was standing on his sore leg.

So in the last couple of weeks, my cats have caught two mice. They chase them and smack them around. When they are finally dead, they keep playing with them, batting them into the air. It’s really sad for me because I feel sorry for the mice. I’m just glad my cats aren’t the kind that enjoy tearing them apart and eating parts of them. I couldn’t stand having entrails spread across my house. *shudders*.

Here’s a funny thing. Our puppy, Duke (who is 30.4 lbs. and is only about 5 months old), loves to go grab washcloths or dishcloths out of the bathroom or laundry room and chew on them. The cats hide when he’s in the house because he chases them. But when he goes out, my female cat, Willow, goes to the cloth Duke has been chewing on and rolls around on it and rubs her face in it. It honestly looks like the thing is covered in catnap, the way she acts. Does anyone have a clue why she does this? She’s terrified of the dog, but she acts like she loves rolling in his scent. What’s up with that???

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When I got up this morning, this was what was left of one of my air plants.

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

On the bright side, this one is blooming.

Awesome, A Bloom!

Awesome, A Bloom!

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I’ve done no writing or exercising since my dad’s stroke. After the funeral last Sunday, I decided to take the rest of the week to recover from lack of sleep and lots of stress. I hope I’ll be ready to start writing and exercising again tomorrow. Life must go on.

On a brighter note…how can anyone not love this picture?

Willow and Oz

Willow and Oz

The question for the holidays is…how will I be able to keep the cats out of the Christmas tree???

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I’m back from the ladies’ retreat. Although I had fun, I had a much better time with Anya last weekend. Too many people together for a long period of time wears me out, and there were 23 of us. And I didn’t like the person to bathroom ratio. But still, fun was had. And the game room! The cool thing was the arcade game. It had all the old ones. Centipede, Galaga, Space Invaders. (Some of you are too young to remember those!) There was a pool table, foosball, and air hockey. And a big screen TV. 🙂

I’m putting off looking at what the beta readers marked in my manuscript. LOL. One of them that liked it a lot said there were still some issues I needed to address. I’m just too tired right now. I was awakened at 3:00 this morning by someone falling off the top of a bunk bed (she’s fine), and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Then there was the 3 hour drive home for church.

My cats are still doing fine since their surgeries. I still can’t believe how fast they bounce back. After two days, they acted like nothing had happened.

I’m now certified in First Aid. I took a four hour class last Wednesday.

That’s all for now.

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There’s not much new to report. One beta reader is finished (and she loves my story!), and one is halfway finished. I haven’t worked on getting Vampires’ Curse ready for print since I was at the cabin. The frustration of the page numbers just overwhelmed me, so I’m still trying to decide whether or not to add the extra pages to make the chapters all start on the right side. Most people who commented on my blog post said they didn’t care where a chapter started.

All in all, I’m happy with where I am with my goals for this round. Except for exercise goals. Those are the ones that always suffer.

On an unrelated note, my cats are fine after their surgeries, just lying around a little more. Oz had this huge hernia removed, so he was a little worse than if he had just had the neutering. They both slept with me last night. 😉

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Okay, the title is a little more dramatic than the circumstances call for…maybe. The whole thing certainly felt dramatic at the time.

Today is the first day of my vacation, so I was trying to sleep late. But I heard my puppy, Daisy, barking like crazy at something. She just wouldn’t stop…she kept barking and barking. Finally, I got out of bed to see what the problem might be. I saw Willow sitting on top of the cat cage. Not IN the cage…on top of it. And Oz was nowhere to be found. I hurried outside and saw Daisy was barking at something under the deck. I figured it must be Oz she was barking at. I got a flashlight and saw that it was, indeed, Oz under there. And I couldn’t coax him out because he was afraid of Daisy. I doubt Daisy would hurt him, but the barking was unnerving. I finally yelled at my husband to get out of bed and help me. He had to run Daisy back to the other side of the house. I called and called to Oz, but he just wouldn’t come out. All I could think of was 1) I had to have both cats available to be “fixed” tomorrow morning, and 2) We have coyotes around here. The coyote issue is the reason my cats are in a huge cage on the deck instead of roaming free. So I’m really freaking out because Oz won’t come out. Finally, I figured out what to do. I got Willow out of the cage and held her while calling to Oz. It worked like a charm. As soon as he saw Willow, he started toward me. Now I had another problem. Oz is getting really BIG. And Willow was struggling in my arms to get to Oz. But my husband gently took Willow from me so I was able to scoop Oz up into my arms. What a sigh of relief came from me. Now the two culprits are safely ensconced in my house.

Oh, here’s the way they got out. My son and his girlfriend were here when I got back from church yesterday. He had let the cats into the house so the girlfriend’s little girl could play with them. Apparently, he had opened both doors of the cage, and when he put them back in, he only latched one of them. It took the cats awhile, but they finally figured out one of the doors was unlatched. What a scary thing it was!

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Just a quick post to show you a picture of my cats. Although they are only about six months old, Oz is as big as many full grown cats. If he grows any more, he’s going to be HUGE. I’m sorry you can barely see him in this pic. He’s all stretched out against the back of the love seat, and he’s black, so he’s hard to see. But I had to show this pic because Willow looks so cute, looking at me like she wants her picture taken.

While I’m on vacation next week, I need to get them spayed and neutered. I caught Oz trying to “get friendly” with Willow, so I guess it’s time. And then we’re going to have a puppy to have spayed soon afterward. I think I’ll let my husband take care of that one. 🙂 Anyways, here’s the pic.

Willow and Oz

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Isn’t that a catchy title? And the two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other. LOL

Fingernails. I nearly cry every time I have to cut mine. I used to long for my fingernails to grow fast because they broke so much. I love long fingernails (not REALLY long, but a nice length). But, alas, I can’t type well on my computer with long fingernails. I make too many errors and it’s not comfortable. So I have to keep them fairly short. And now that I’m taking good vitamins, they grow so fast! Grrrrr.

Eyelashes. I could talk about how I’m experimenting with Mary Kay’s eyelash serum, but that’s not what this is about. This is about one of my cats. My tabby, Willow, was lying beside my head on the couch. She kept poking me in the eye with her nose, and I couldn’t figure out what she was doing. Then I started watching her. Every time I would blink, she would stare at me and turn her head slightly to the side. Then she would start poking around in my eye. I finally figured out she was fascinated with my eyelashes and was trying to play with them. It tickled so much and I was laughing so hard. There have been times when my kittens have been a lot of work and trouble. But it’s times like these that make me SO glad I have them. 🙂

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The two subjects in the title have nothing to do with each other. But I wanted to blog about both of them, so I combined them. LOL.

I almost didn’t tell this one. But, hey, I share. 🙂 Anyway…Tuesday night, I fell asleep on the couch, which isn’t unusual. I woke up at almost 1:00 am with a sharp burning pain in my side. I walked, sat, lay down, but I couldn’t get any relief. The pain was too high to be appendicitis and not far enough toward my back to be kidney stones. The scary thing to me was that the pain was basically where my lung is, and I’ve been paranoid about blood clots in the lung since my best friend died from that last year. I finally put my clothes on, put my contact lens back in, and called my mom. Yes, I woke my 77 year old mom up at 1:15 in the morning. She came to my house (she only lives two houses down) and we talked about whether or not I should go to the emergency room. Finally, we decided it was better to be safe, so she drove me to the hospital. Before we even arrived, my pain just vanished. We sat in the hospital parking lot waiting to see if it came back, but it never did. So there was no way I was going to pay for an emergency room visit, since my $1500 deductible hasn’t been met, if I had no pain. So we drove back home. I apologized to my mom, but she said she didn’t have anything else to do. LOL. So we decided we would just say it was an adventure. She seems to think that it’s possible I slept wrong and strained the muscles in my side. I do have a problem where my side muscles cramp up sometimes if I move a certain way, and the pain is excruciating for about a minute, then it goes away. So it could be related to that somehow. Anyway, I was scared. I kept thinking of all the things I had left undone in case I died. I hadn’t given my husband the password to our online payment accounts. The people at work don’t know my password for a lot of things they would need to know if I wasn’t there. Lesson learned? Make sure all your stuff is taken care of in case you croak in the middle of the night. LOL

Okay, after that rather bizarre story, here is something sweet and cute to look at. My two kittens.



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