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Well, as I mentioned Wednesday, I had a couple of good writing days. However, I woke up Wednesday with a sore throat and was kind of miserable traveling back from Baltimore, a ten hour drive. I’ve been sick since then, so I haven’t really felt like writing. I did go out for dinner last night for my birthday (a few days early) with family and a couple of friends, but I coughed so much last night I couldn’t sleep. I seem to feel better during the day and miserable at night. I’m not going to beat myself up over the lack of writing because I know what crap I would have written while I was feeling so bleh.

On the health front, my blood sugar is doing great on the 24 hour insulin. I SO hope I can get off of it or at least cut down the dosage. I’ve lost about 10 lbs. in the last month, so I’m happy with that. I didn’t walk on the treadmill on Friday because I felt so bad, and I really missed it. So exercise has become a habit that I miss when I don’t do it. That’s a good thing. I want to keep up with the treadmill through the month of January, then add back the weight work in February.

Okay, enough talk. I’m going to rest for awhile now….


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I’m sitting here a little disappointed because the first 50 people who register for the RNConvention get to have a special VIP brunch with Jimmy Thomas and some other hunks. Anya and I were all set to start registering as soon as it opened at 3:00 PM on Saturday. But they changed it to tonight, at the same time church starts. Bleh. Anyway…onward.

Formatting for Print

After fighting so long with page numbers on the print version of Vampires’ Curse, I finally got it to work! So while it was still in my mind how to do it, I went ahead and formatted Soul of a Vampire. So I’ll be publishing both of them on CreateSpace pretty close together. Anya has to work on the print cover of SoaV first. She pretty much has VC done…she was just waiting on me to tell her how many pages it was going to be.


I finally started on the book I’m co-writing with my husband. Right off the bat, we disagreed on something. He wanted more description about the MC’s feelings before he has an accident. I think I started it right and that it doesn’t need anything else. So I stopped writing if for a little while. Then I picked it back up and didn’t change anything. I can always add more later if hubby still feels like it needs more. I ended up writing 560 words, but I would have liked it to be more.


I’ve been faithful to my workouts, going to the gym 3-4 days a week. But I need to add cardio. I’m going to order some Chaco running/walking shoes because since I’ve been wearing my Chaco sandals, no shoe feels good on my feet anymore, even my Tone-Ups. When I walk on the treadmill at home, I could wear my sandals, I guess. But at the gym, they expect you to wear appropriate shoes. Since I found an extra $112 I didn’t know I had, I can buy those shoes. 🙂

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This is a very late post. I didn’t have time before church. Then, my son, his girlfriend, and her little girl were all here this afternoon. And THAT was more important than posting. Then there was church tonight, so I’m just now getting around to it.

There’s not a lot to report aside from the last couple of posts where I’ve already told everyone what’s going on. 🙂 But to summarize for those who haven’t kept up. I went to a cabin in Ellijay, GA with Anya Kelleye. While there, I got all my editing done on Soul of a Vampire. I got Vampires’ Curse ALMOST ready for print. Anya worked on some book covers. We both did some reading. We ate. We chilled out. It was a much needed retreat. And Soul of a Vampire is in the hands of beta readers.

For those of you waiting on pictures of our retreat, I think I’ll post them tomorrow. I didn’t think I should do it in a ROW80 post.

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Writing is going well, I think. I finally got the chapter done where the hero and heroine meet the three challenges. It wasn’t too hard to write once I figured out what I wanted to do with each riddle. I didn’t spend a great amount of time on each one, although there is some action in the scenes, because the REAL challenge is coming up. This is where they will be fighting the creature. And I’m trying to draw a picture of it in my mind. I want it to be a really scary creature. 🙂

Here are my word counts: Mon-435, Tues-1648, Thurs-1001, Sat-847

How are you guys doing? Or, now that most of you know I have a southern accent…how are ya’ll doin’?

P.S. If you didn’t see my post from yesterday, and you want to see a good action-packed movie, check out The Expendables 2!

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I was actually going to post about something else today, but then I realized it was the day for our ROW80 midweek check-in. I’ll do my other post tomorrow, I guess. 🙂

I had a a really kick butt word count on Monday (I’ll post actual numbers on Sunday). Last night, I wanted to write, but several things hindered me.

1. One problem was my hands. I’ve mentioned this before. My hands used to bother me a lot, but for the past few years, they have been much better. In the last few months, they’ve started hurting again, right in my thumb joint. I don’t know what has changed, but that Dragon software is looking better and better.

2. I needed to establish how much time it takes to get from point A to point B traveling at a certain amount of knots (this is on a ship), so I had to do some research. Luckily, I found the time frame I had already written in works fine. Whew! And I’m still stumped by the riddles I need for the challenges. I could write the scenes that come after the three challenges, but I’m a very linear writer, and I just CAN’T. It’s like reading a book out of order.

3. I also spent some time with my mom and her computer. If I don’t write early, I get too tired to write. But as much as my writing means to me, my mom is more important. She comes first. And she’s one of the biggest supporters of my writing, as well as one of the most awesome people I know. 🙂

I tried proofing Vampires’ Curse (I NEED to get this in print as soon as possible!) last night, and I got through a few pages, but I was trying to do it on the living room couch. There was a Big Bang Theory marathon on some channel that my husband was watching, and Sheldon just always creeps in when I’m trying to do something. He’s just so FUNNY, I can’t help but listen. The reason I’ve been writing/proofing in the living room is because the chair in my office is just too uncomfortable to sit in for long. I’m really needing a new chair, but I’m putting off spending the money. But I’m going to have to soon.

What’s up with the rest of you?

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Since I report the week’s word count on Sundays, I’m not going to list the last two days here. But I will say that I’m kicking word count butt. 🙂 My story is coming together.

I’m still working on proofing Vampires’ Curse for print.

Exercise is going well again. Anya and I walked during lunch the last two days, and as I reported on Sunday, I walked 45 minutes on the treadmill. Soon, I hope to be back to riding my bike. We’ve been having evening storms (we really need the rain!) so there’s been no outside activities after work.

I still need to work on my eating habits. I’m getting better, but I still need to tone down my portions a little more.

How is everyone else doing?

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It’s been an interesting week. The heat continues to assault us here in East Tennessee. We will get some relief, I think, starting Sunday or Monday. The kittens are growing and actually aren’t getting into trouble in the house as much as they used to. Writing is going VERY well. Life is good. Here are some things relating to my goals.

1. Writing: Even though I don’t set word counts, but time goals, I like to keep up with word count. Mon-874, Tues-1464, Wed-91, Thurs-1474, Fri-0, Sat-2588. Look at that Saturday count! I don’t know if I’ve ever written that much at one time, but I was really loving my scenes!

2. Proofing: The proofing of Vampires’ Curse for print is going slow and steady. It should be ready by the end of the week.

3. Health: Exercise has been a no go all week, except for Saturday. It’s been too hot (I don’t even want to be outside when it’s over 100 degrees) to walk or bike, and I just haven’t gotten on the treadmill, except for about 45 minutes on Saturday. But, hey, that’s a little exercise. Also, my whole “quality instead of quantity” eating style is going pretty well. I’ve decided that eating less is better than depriving myself of good, tasty food, so that’s going to be my philosophy unless it stops working for me. I’ll keep you updated on that.

So, how are things going for the rest of you? Are you working diligently toward your goals? Let me know. I’m here for you if you ever need me!

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Hey, it’s the Fourth of July! Which makes me wonder if anyone will even be sitting at their computer reading this. LOL

What I’ve done toward my goals this week:

1. Word count: Mon-874, Tues-1,464. Although my goals are time, not words, I still keep up with word count. I can’t help myself. But I’ve found that when I started setting aside a time instead of shooting for a certain number of words, I actually end up writing MORE words.

2. I’ve proofed the first novella in the Libby Fox trilogy. Only two more to go, and the collection will be ready to format for print. I can’t BELIEVE how many times I used the word “that”. I know I don’t do it much anymore, but I must have “reformed” after writing the first in the trilogy. LOL

3. Exercise – not so much. I was doing well until it got so hot. It’s starting to cool down just a bit…mid 90’s…so I’ll probably go back to walking and riding my back on Thursday.

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This has been a strange round for me. In the last three rounds of 2011, I wrote and published a novella for each. That’s when I did the Libby Fox series, which consists of Dark Relic: Vampires’ Curse, Secrets of the Wolf, and Search for the Vampires’ Curse. I loved writing these novellas, and I hope the sales of them pick up someday. My older works still do better than these novellas, or the compilation of them, Vampires’ Curse. I have yet to figure out what makes some books sell better than others, even when the ones that are selling aren’t quite as good as the ones that aren’t. Anyway, I digress and ramble. This round, I just couldn’t get my motivation together. I would have some days where I wrote, then many other days when I didn’t. This was so foreign to me, because I had always stuck to goals and written most days of each round. I don’t know what happened to me. I felt like I was so busy with other things in life and didn’t have the energy for writing, I guess. I really envy those who can write any time of the day because they’re not burdened by a time-consuming day job. I want to be in that situation someday. I WILL be in that situation someday. So I didn’t finish my current WIP in this round. But that’s okay because I can continue it in Round Three. No one is going to beat me with a stick for not meeting the goal I had of finishing this round. I LOVE ROW80. The word count has been good the past two days. Monday – 1119 and Tuesday – 1061. I think it’s really helped to stop focusing on a certain word count every day (usually 500) and just focusing on spending a set amount of time with my WIP. This has actually led to higher word counts, as you can see. 🙂 So I feel like I’m really back on track.

Exercise and eating habits are going well. I planned to only report specifics about this on Sundays, but since this is the last check in for the round, I’ll do it here. I walked at lunch both Monday and Tuesday, and I rode my bike Tuesday evening. I’ve been leaving food on my plate and stopping when I’m satisfied. If I feel like having a burger, I have one, but leave off the french fries. Sometimes it takes just changing little things to make a difference. I buttoned a pair of shorts today that I usually leave unbuttoned and just zip up. Yay!

I look forward to Round Three, and I hope the rest of you will join me again. It’s been fun!

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1. I was only able to write one morning while on vacation. But that’s one morning more than no mornings. LOL

2. My husband picked up a crab in the water by mistake and it pinched him. Yes, he bled.

3. There was lots of good seafood to be had and we definitely had it. 🙂 But we ate lunch before we left on Saturday at Margaritaville, and I don’t know if anything was much better than the Cheeseburger in Paradise. Mmmmmmm. But my husband decided he wanted the volcano nachos. We all had to laugh when they came. I had to take pictures.

This is when he was halfway finished.

This is what was left when he was finished.

And below is an incredible sunset with ominous looking clouds. I took this picture through the window at the Breakers restaurant.

Ominous cloud.

And here is a video I took when we were feeding the seagulls. I left in all the sound so you could hear the gulls, but you also get to hear everyone talking. LOL

So…did all that take your mind off the fact that I didn’t get much writing done??? Hee hee.

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