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I had gotten into the habit of only checking in on Sundays, but I’m going to try to do better. Part of the reason for that, though, is that many times I wanted to blog about something else that struck my fancy. But, you know, I can always write that and schedule it for the next day. 🙂

I managed to write one day so far this week, so that’s a third way through my weekly goal. During that session, I wrote 1717 words. I look at it this way. I used to have a 500 word a day goal, so that’s more than three days worth. 🙂

I’ve been trying to find a quinoa recipe that looks appealing to me. None have really got me excited about eating quinoa, especially after I tried a boxed quinoa dish. Bleh. Our local health food store sells both white and red quinoa in bulk, so I could get however much I needed. I would like to try both since the taste is supposed to be different, the red being more “earthy” or “nuttier” according to what I’ve read. Anyway, I found this recipe on Pinterest. Looks yummy. Garlic and Thyme Quinoa Patties. I just placed an order with Mountain Rose Herbs, and now I wish I had included thyme and paprika. 😦 Also, here is the link to the whole article 32 Ways to Eat Quinoa and Succeed in Life. I haven’t read the other recipes yet, but I will.


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There’s not too much going on. I only wrote 2 days last week for total of 1745. That’s about half of what I would like to see on word count, but I’m still all about time instead of word count. So I was three days short of what I should have been writing. I’m still trying to get into the good habits again. I feel good about this week, though. I’m feeling more into to my WIP.

If you keep up with my blog, you know my husband cracked a bone in his ankle, so he’s on crutches. That’s caused me a little extra work, but I don’t mind at all. He’s always taking care of me. 🙂

I ordered the Flylady’s Office in a Bag with Control Journal. I’m trying to get my life under control. You know, the cleaning house part? Flylady is all about organization in all areas, but house cleaning is her main focus. We’ll see how that goes.

What’s up with ya’ll?

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I was actually going to post about something else today, but then I realized it was the day for our ROW80 midweek check-in. I’ll do my other post tomorrow, I guess. 🙂

I had a a really kick butt word count on Monday (I’ll post actual numbers on Sunday). Last night, I wanted to write, but several things hindered me.

1. One problem was my hands. I’ve mentioned this before. My hands used to bother me a lot, but for the past few years, they have been much better. In the last few months, they’ve started hurting again, right in my thumb joint. I don’t know what has changed, but that Dragon software is looking better and better.

2. I needed to establish how much time it takes to get from point A to point B traveling at a certain amount of knots (this is on a ship), so I had to do some research. Luckily, I found the time frame I had already written in works fine. Whew! And I’m still stumped by the riddles I need for the challenges. I could write the scenes that come after the three challenges, but I’m a very linear writer, and I just CAN’T. It’s like reading a book out of order.

3. I also spent some time with my mom and her computer. If I don’t write early, I get too tired to write. But as much as my writing means to me, my mom is more important. She comes first. And she’s one of the biggest supporters of my writing, as well as one of the most awesome people I know. 🙂

I tried proofing Vampires’ Curse (I NEED to get this in print as soon as possible!) last night, and I got through a few pages, but I was trying to do it on the living room couch. There was a Big Bang Theory marathon on some channel that my husband was watching, and Sheldon just always creeps in when I’m trying to do something. He’s just so FUNNY, I can’t help but listen. The reason I’ve been writing/proofing in the living room is because the chair in my office is just too uncomfortable to sit in for long. I’m really needing a new chair, but I’m putting off spending the money. But I’m going to have to soon.

What’s up with the rest of you?

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I’m a little late with my check in today. I usually try to do it before church and then take care of my sponsor duties in the afternoon, but I just ran out of time this morning. I always make a good breakfast on Sunday mornings, and I got way behind. LOL

My goal is to write about an hour (or until my hands give out) five days a week. I was plagued by the dreaded headache on Friday, even going home from work early, and Saturday I still had the headache plus I had to help my mom with her computer that decided not to boot up properly. Grrrrr. Anyway, on the three days I did write, my word counts were good. Mon-1875, Tues-1281, Thurs-1532. I timed myself on Thursday to see how long it was actually taking me to write. I wrote during my lunch hour, and I had to eat, so I knew I wouldn’t have a whole hour to write. I always read the last chapter I wrote the time before first so I can get my head back into the story, and that took five minutes. So, basically, I wrote over 1500 words in about 40 minutes. I thought I could only write about a thousand words an hour, but it had seemed lately I had written more. Apparently, I’m getting faster. Who knows if that will continue, but I’ll take it for now. 🙂

I’m trying to get back into sewing. I was lucky to spend time with the lovely Susan Bischoff last Saturday, and she was able to help me pick out patterns and material. My plans were to write and sew (or at least cut out the pattern!) Saturday, but with my oldest son and his wife coming into town for lunch, then my mom’s computer problems, AND my headache I didn’t get to do either. I want this skirt and blouse, darn it! My biggest goal for this week is to BE MORE EFFICIENT AND GET STUFF DONE.

How is everyone else doing? Any snags last week?

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No writing since Monday. I’m on vacation this week in Panama City Beach, so I hope to start tomorrow morning getting up before everyone else and doing my writing then. (Today was church day.)

This condo has no WiFi. I have to connect my computer directly to the modem. Fail! That means my husband can’t be on the internet at the same time as me with his computer, plus I can’t get on the WiFi with my iPad. I also can’t use the 4G on my iPad because I can’t pick up Verizon inside the condo. I have to go outside. Grrrr. On the bright side…the condo owner says if I go pick up a wireless router and hook it up to the modem, he will reimburse me for it. Win!

On the way here, while I was driving, hubby and I talked over his ideas for the book he wants me to write. He was jotting down all kinds of things as we talked. This was a first for us. We’ve never brainstormed about a book together before. It was an interesting experience. I really think I can write this book. I’ve never been a ghost writer before. Not to be confused with Ghost Rider, which would be Nicholas Cage. Never mind.

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I realized that I completely forgot my Wednesday check in last week. I posted something else on that day instead of my check in. Oh well, a missed check in every once in awhile won’t kill me.

I only managed to write 1538 words last week. That is NOT acceptable to me! There were a number of factors involved in my lack of productivity. One of them was a migraine that lasted off and on for two days. The off and on was because of taking medicine, then it wearing off. I also have a “bladder irritation”, which I’ve had before. So having those both at the same time, I was torn between taking medicine for one or the other, since neither medicine would work for both, and I shouldn’t take them together. So I decided to take care of both problems with a couple of doses of hydrocodone. LOL. It at least allowed me to get through a function at church Saturday afternoon and a birthday part Saturday night without moaning in pain. Okay, enough about that stuff! Maybe I sort of had excuses for lack of productivity with the health issues and having my son, his girlfriend, and her baby come to visit one night. Come on, who can write when there’s a baby to enjoy? Such a darling little one year old. 🙂

I’m going to have to buckle down and do what I’m supposed to this week. I need to set aside time for my WIP, time for formatting two books for print, and time for exercise. Wednesday and Thursday are both tied up with church classes until at least 8:00 PM. It’s hard to come in and make myself work on days when stuff is going on that late after I’ve worked all day. Maybe on those two nights, I can have abbreviated schedules where I work on each thing for half the time. That’s better than not doing it at all, right?

Are any of the rest of you struggling with juggling writing with other things? (Hey, did you see how I had rhyming words in that sentence???)

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I’m late checking in, but it’s because my internet wasn’t working last night. I realized once again how much we depend on internet these days. And I just didn’t feel like dealing with it on my cell phone. I answered comments over the weekend on my phone, but it’s a real pain to do it that way.

The Apple Festival wasn’t a huge success, but it wasn’t bad either. I don’t regret doing it. We sold several of the baskets my best friend had made, and I sold five eggshell ornaments. But I ended up buying some stuff at the festival, too. LOL

On the writing front…. I haven’t written a word since Thursday night. I spent Friday getting ready for the festival, and I spent Saturday and Sunday AT the festival. I came home exhausted. I was two days ahead on word count, and I skipped three days, so I guess I’m about a day behind. No biggie.

Also, I have Starfane all proofed and ready to upload to CreateSpace for the print version.

I’ll catch up this week!

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It’s party time on Twitter! Rock on!

I’ve written almost 1500 words in the past two days, so I’m almost 500 words ahead of my cumulative goal.

I’ve not finished proofing Starfane yet, but my print cover is done!

Exercise was a massive fail this week. I knew this would be the goal I would have the most trouble with. Baby steps. But my goal is exercising 30 minutes a day 3 times a week (minimum) and the week’s not over yet! 🙂 Maybe I’ll ride my bike tomorrow.

So now I’m leaving you with some Rock N Roll! Please ignore the screaming girls. (Yes, I’m showing my age, but I love the Beatles!)

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ROW80 Fail

Due to my mom being in the hospital, I haven’t touched my book in ten days. I had my laptop at the hospital one day, but there are way too many distractions to do anything but a crossword puzzle. 😦 I thought she was going to get to go home yesterday, but she’s having breathing issues that a really sharp nurse noticed and told the doctor. So now they’re trying to figure out what’s going on with that. (She’s really been having those issues for a long while, but her primary care doctor is useless.)

Anway, now I’m trying to decide if I’ll be able to catch up or if I should wait for the next round of ROW80 and start on a new project. Still undecided.

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