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What? It’s Wednesday already? How did that happen?

My WIP is coming right along. I might do a cover reveal tomorrow because my cover artist, Anya, is getting antsy, wanting to put it on her website. LOL. Yesterday, I wrote through the scene with the first challenge/riddle. I think it went okay, but I haven’t read back through it yet. I have two more challenges to go before they have to fight a creature. Then I’ll have to do a major action scene which always scares me, but which one of my beta readers says I do well. Action is hard for me to write, but my beta reader said she loved my action scenes in The Gnome, so I hope I can do okay in this book.

How about the rest of you? Are you plodding along? Moving quickly? Doing nothing? I want to know!


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So far, so good. I don’t want to ramble on with a long post and bore everyone to death, so I’ll make it short and sweet today. I’m about 300 words over my cumultive goal, which is to average 500 words per day. So yay!

The challenge for any second book in a series is to give enough info to someone who hasn’t read the first one, but to not overwhelm someone who has read it with redundant info. I think that’s going to be the hardest thing, since this is my first series.

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