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Wow, I can’t believe this round is already over! It’s been a different kind of round for me. The last three rounds of 2011, I had a novella written and published by the time each round was over. The first round of 2011 was when I started my gnome story. My mom had a heart attack in the middle of the round, and I had to do a lot of things to take care of her before she got back to normal. I decided to put that work aside and do my three Libby Fox novellas for the next three rounds. In Round One of this year, I decided to take the gnome story back up and see what I could do with it. It’s pretty much finished except for the proofing and the tweaking. But is it good enough? It’s really different from the other things I’ve written. The first beta reader (the one that sees it before I edit) liked it. But the real tell will be when it goes to the others. Because each beta reader is different. I will get different points of view. So we’ll see. I still have to expand on that crazy fight scene at the end. I wish I was as good as Kait Nolan in writing fight scenes. 🙂

On the exercise front…most of this round has been a flop. However, for the past two days, I’ve gotten up at 5:30 and walked on the treadmill. This has more than health benefits. I’m habitually late for work. No one really cares here, but it bothers me. Since I’ve been exercising in the mornings, I’ve been early. I was here 20 minutes early this morning! And I feel soooo much better.

I can’t wait for Round Two. I hope I’m back to my old self, writing every day and getting things done! Maybe my full time job will slow down and things won’t be as crazy. So, how do the rest of you feel about Round One? Did you accomplish what you wanted to? Did you learn anything?


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ROW80 Round Two

Round One is over, and I didn’t get everything accomplished because of things going on in my life. But Round Two starts tomorrow and it’s a new challenge.


1. Write an average of 500 words per day until my novella (part one of a series) is done. I’m expecting it to be somewhere around 25,000 to 30,000 words. So that will take 50 to 60 days. That will give me 20-30 days left to edit and get some people beta reading it. The editing goal will depend on how much time I have after writing the first draft, so that goal will be set later.

2. My secondary goal is to spend a little bit of time working on my garden gnome story from Round One. This isn’t a “have to” goal, just an aside if I have time. I can’t really give this one a measurable goal, so it’s kind of a maybe.

Good luck to everyone. Go writers!

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As I look back on the first round of ROW80, I have some mixed feelings. I was doing so well at meeting my goals until my mom had a heart attack. The good thing about ROW80 is that it’s very forgiving and allows you to change your goals at any time. But I didn’t even set any new goals. This was mostly due to the tremendous work load from my full time job. I just can’t take that much work home and still write. Some people might be able to do it, but I just don’t have that much stamina. So I didn’t finish my book.

Turning to the bright side…Round Two is coming up and my work will hopefully slow down to the point that I won’t have to take work home with me. I won’t mention my ROW80 goals in this post because I’m sure there will be a chance to state those at the beginning of Round Two. I will mention one thing, though. I am determined to get in better shape physically because when I’m in control of my body, I seem to be in much better control of my mind. Funny how it works that way, but it always does for me. When I’m in control of one aspect of my life, the others start falling into place and it’s like a chain reaction.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this challenge with all of you. Even when I was really busy, I tried to be a halfway decent sponsor and encourage those in my group for that check in. I think I only missed 2 or 3 check ins when things were the worst.

Congrats to everyone who met their goals, and for those who didn’t, it’s not failure…just restructuring. I look forward to seeing familiar faces (figuratively, lol) and, hopefully, some new ones, too. Good look with Round Two!

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I really don’t have a lot to say. Most of you know that I had to put my WIP on the backburner when my mom had a heart attack. As soon as she was back to normal, the craziness broke loose at my full time job, causing me to take work home nearly every day. There’s no way I can work all day, work at night, and THEN try to write. (Maybe when I was younger, LOL.) Anyway, things are slowing down just a tad here at the office, so I’m trying not to take work home this week. Now my main concern is whether or not to try to finish my WIP from Round One or put it aside until I finish my Round Two project. Or maybe try to do both at the same time. We’ll see.

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