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Tonight won’t be much of a Halloween for me since it fell on a Wednesday…church night. But I did get to carve a pumpkin with my friend and her son last night. The picture didn’t end up being very good, since you can’t even tell this is a pumpkin. But maybe you can see the outline of a bat in the picture. So here is what I have:


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Writing: I finally buckled down yesterday and wrote 1342 words on my WIP. That brings the total count to 2442. I’ve only written on this three days this month. I kept wondering why I’m so far behind since the round started the first of the month. Then I realized I finished edits on Soul of a Vampire, published the ebook, finished formatting on Vampires’ Curse for print, then formatted Soul of a Vampire for print. So I guess I was actually DOING SOMETHING this round. I have to get out of the mind set that ROW80 is JUST about actually writing a book. It’s about doing all the things related to writing. But now that everything else is done, I’m ready to write 5 days a week on my WIP. That’s going to be a real challenge this week since I have something going on every night except Friday.

Health: This went to the back burner last week. I had a lot going on, and the major issue was my cat, Willow. She was REALLY sick. The vet said she had a UTI, but it started with throwing up, which was weird. But she tested positive for the infection. Let me tell you guys, I was SCARED. She was lethargic, and she didn’t eat for days. I actually got so scared that she would get dehydrated and die that I force fed her a couple of tablespoons of water twice. She would go to her water bowl and dip her head down to it, but she wouldn’t drink! I had prepared myself for the worst, even though I was going to take her back to the vet if she didn’t start drinking water. After she was on antibiotics a couple of days, she started drinking water. Then she started eating. Then she started showing interest in stuff again. And today, I saw her playing with a toy. She’ll be back to normal when she’ll play with Oz again. He’s certainly tried to get her to play, but he’s just too rough, and she wasn’t feeling up to it. I bet by tomorrow, she’ll be holding her own against her brother. 😉

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I’m not really a selfish person. Most of the time I do things that will help other people rather than myself. I’m not tooting my own horn or anything, that’s just my basic personality. I like to help. It makes me smile. But the following is a completely selfish thing. Here it is:

The Gnome would be a really great read for Halloween. Buy it! Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords.

Whew, that felt weird! But I’m not going to apologize. In fact, I’m giggling a little right now. Um, not evilly like the gnome did…just because this was funny. 🙂

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Drum roll, please. LOL. Anyway, the winner of the Soul of a Vampire giveaway is Kristina Haecker! Congrats, Kristina!

So here’s what’s going on for ROW80:

Writing: I’m about 1100 words along on my WIP. I’ve hit a few personal snags that’s kept me from writing as much as I’d like, but I think the rest of the week, and the weekend, will get back to normal.

Print book update: They’ve sent me the proof for Vampires’ Curse, so I’m just waiting on that. I’m also waiting on Anya to finish the print cover for Soul of a Vampire. I asked her to change something, so it’s my fault it’s not finished. LOL.

Health: I haven’t worked out yet this week. Monday I was having a major issue with one of my feet, and yesterday I used my lunch hour to write because I was going out to eat last night with a fellow author who lives here in town. (I think she would wish to remain anonymous, LOL.) I didn’t get in until late. I hope to return to my routine tomorrow.

So, what’s up with the rest of you?

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Today’s the deadline to get your comment in the drawing for the necklace and earring set mentioned in my book, Soul of a Vampire! I’ll be announcing the winner sometime tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

Here’s the link to the post: Soul of a Vampire Giveaway

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I’m sitting here a little disappointed because the first 50 people who register for the RNConvention get to have a special VIP brunch with Jimmy Thomas and some other hunks. Anya and I were all set to start registering as soon as it opened at 3:00 PM on Saturday. But they changed it to tonight, at the same time church starts. Bleh. Anyway…onward.

Formatting for Print

After fighting so long with page numbers on the print version of Vampires’ Curse, I finally got it to work! So while it was still in my mind how to do it, I went ahead and formatted Soul of a Vampire. So I’ll be publishing both of them on CreateSpace pretty close together. Anya has to work on the print cover of SoaV first. She pretty much has VC done…she was just waiting on me to tell her how many pages it was going to be.


I finally started on the book I’m co-writing with my husband. Right off the bat, we disagreed on something. He wanted more description about the MC’s feelings before he has an accident. I think I started it right and that it doesn’t need anything else. So I stopped writing if for a little while. Then I picked it back up and didn’t change anything. I can always add more later if hubby still feels like it needs more. I ended up writing 560 words, but I would have liked it to be more.


I’ve been faithful to my workouts, going to the gym 3-4 days a week. But I need to add cardio. I’m going to order some Chaco running/walking shoes because since I’ve been wearing my Chaco sandals, no shoe feels good on my feet anymore, even my Tone-Ups. When I walk on the treadmill at home, I could wear my sandals, I guess. But at the gym, they expect you to wear appropriate shoes. Since I found an extra $112 I didn’t know I had, I can buy those shoes. 🙂

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*yawn* Yeah, that’s how I feel every evening. And partly throughout the day. And it’s killing my productivity. By the time I’m ready to start working on my WIP, I’m too sleepy to write anything. And I know this is probably my own fault. You see, I fall asleep on the couch every night watching TV, then I wake up sometime in the middle of the night and go to bed. And I know I’m not getting good sleep while I’m on the couch with the TV on. So why do I do this? Well, I actually enjoy falling asleep while watching TV. I don’t know why; I just do. And there’s something that I don’t like about going to bed IN the bed. I can’t explain it. Part of it is that I just feel so LONELY. My husband works third shift, so I sleep alone five nights out of the week. And I don’t like it. So I fall asleep with the company of the TV, then when I wake back up and go to bed, I’m too sleepy to worry about being lonely. This whole thing is quickly becoming a habit.

I really don’t know how to break this habit. The simple answer is JUST GO TO BED. But I don’t WANT to. I keep wondering if there’s some way to make my bedroom more of a haven, something pleasant and enjoyable. A peaceful place. Should I redecorate? Add some plants?

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Most of you know I just released Soul of a Vampire. This is the thirteenth work I’ve released (although two of the releases are compilations of some of the others), and I still get all excited when I release something new. Keep your fingers crossed for me. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway on my blog!

Now on to the next project. I finally started looking over the notes my husband and I made last May for a book idea that came into his head. Some of you will remember that my husband suddenly had this awesome idea for a book, and I told him I would write it for him. We brainstormed on the way to Florida when we were going on vacation. I think the way I’ll handle the author credit on this book is to put both of our names on it. Or say Lauralynn Elliott with Jim Elliott…something like that. Anyway, after going over the notes and getting a rough outline, I know how this book starts and ends. I have several points for the middle, but a lot of those will be filled in later. I’m excited and scared because I’ve never collaborated with anyone before, and I certainly never thought it would be my husband I would write a book with. My plan is to write at least one hour a day, five days a week on this. We’ll see how that goes.

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Now that Soul of a Vampire is up on Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, it’s time to announce what I’m giving away to celebrate the release. At first, I was going to just give away swag, which is basically items with the book cover images or some other promo type items. I’m still going to send bookmarks to the winner, but I wanted to find something special. I searched and searched for the perfect thing I was looking for, and I finally found it. Everyone who comments on this post and tells me their favorite gem through October 23 will have their name entered into the drawing, which will be done by using random.org. The winner will receive a Smashwords coupon code for a free copy of Soul of a Vampire, some bookmarks with the cover picture, and……THIS:

Garnet Jewelry Mentioned in Book

This picture doesn’t do this necklace and earring set justice..it’s much prettier when you actually see it. There is a garnet jewelry set (sorry, there was no bracelet with the one I bought) in Soul of a Vampire. I know these aren’t real garnets, or I wouldn’t have been able to afford the necklace, but they LOOK like garnets. LOL. Anyway, good luck everyone. Please tell your friends how they can win this necklace and earring set. Remember, the only thing you have to do is comment and tell me your favorite gem. There is no obligation to review the book or Tweet or mention on Facebook or…. See, I’m easy to get along with.

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Just wanted to let you guys know that Soul of a Vampire is up on Amazon now. Soul of a Vampire

It should be up on B & N soon. As soon as it is, I’m going to announce the giveaway I promised. 🙂

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