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Writing: I finally buckled down yesterday and wrote 1342 words on my WIP. That brings the total count to 2442. I’ve only written on this three days this month. I kept wondering why I’m so far behind since the round started the first of the month. Then I realized I finished edits on Soul of a Vampire, published the ebook, finished formatting on Vampires’ Curse for print, then formatted Soul of a Vampire for print. So I guess I was actually DOING SOMETHING this round. I have to get out of the mind set that ROW80 is JUST about actually writing a book. It’s about doing all the things related to writing. But now that everything else is done, I’m ready to write 5 days a week on my WIP. That’s going to be a real challenge this week since I have something going on every night except Friday.

Health: This went to the back burner last week. I had a lot going on, and the major issue was my cat, Willow. She was REALLY sick. The vet said she had a UTI, but it started with throwing up, which was weird. But she tested positive for the infection. Let me tell you guys, I was SCARED. She was lethargic, and she didn’t eat for days. I actually got so scared that she would get dehydrated and die that I force fed her a couple of tablespoons of water twice. She would go to her water bowl and dip her head down to it, but she wouldn’t drink! I had prepared myself for the worst, even though I was going to take her back to the vet if she didn’t start drinking water. After she was on antibiotics a couple of days, she started drinking water. Then she started eating. Then she started showing interest in stuff again. And today, I saw her playing with a toy. She’ll be back to normal when she’ll play with Oz again. He’s certainly tried to get her to play, but he’s just too rough, and she wasn’t feeling up to it. I bet by tomorrow, she’ll be holding her own against her brother. 😉


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