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You know when you see those movies where people get stuck in elevators and they are between floors so they have to jump down to get out? Yeah, that was me. When the dinner at the conference was over tonight, we all went to the elevators to go back to our rooms. (Anya had already gone up to the room earlier.) All the doors were open and it said the elevators were out of order. We were supposed to use the service elevator. So nine of us got into the service elevator, and it gave a little lurch and stopped. I have a little bit of fear of elevators anyway because of the aforementioned movies. And I’m very claustrophobic. We knocked on the door, rang the emergency bell, BEAT on the door to no avail. Finally, one of the people in the elevator yelled that we were stuck. A voice on the other side said, “Are you really stuck?” Seriously? In the meantime, someone on the elevator called 911. They were about to send the fire department. But finally, they were able to pry the doors open. They had to get us a chair to step down on. All I could think of then was a movie or two that I’ve seen where someone is halfway out and the elevator starts up again and cuts them in half. *shivers* As soon as it was my turn, I was out of there. Then I had to WALK up to the 9th floor. Because I had told the people in the elevator I was claustrophobic, one of the ladies found out my room number and called me to make sure I was okay. She said I shot out of that elevator and ran away, out of breath. I was REALLY out of breath when I got to the room!

My question to myself is…will I be able to step into that elevator in the morning to go home? I hope so, because I can’t imagine lugging my suitcase, backpack, and purse down eight flights of stairs.


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