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What do you mean, it’s October? LOL Where does the time go? I’m loving our fall weather after so much HEAT this summer. So here’s what’s going on:

Writing: I’m still in the midst of editing Soul of a Vampire. My hopeful publishing date was Oct. 4, but I had completely forgotten about our revival at church. Plus, I’ll be in Tallahassee Fri-Sun for a work trip. If I can swing it, I might get it done by the 4th (isn’t that tomorrow?), but we’ll see. Also, I haven’t started on my next WIP yet because of the aforementioned revival. I will probably start on Thursday.

Health: I’ve been faithful in my workouts so far. I’m very, very sore. I’m still working on the eating habits, but I did leave about a third of my lunch on my plate Monday. So that’s progress.

How are the rest of you doing?


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