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Since I decided I was going back to walking, especially in light of the recent sunny weather, I knew I needed some new walking shoes. I’ve been a big fan of New Balance for years, but my friend decided to get some Shape Ups by Skechers. She loves hers. So I thought I would give them a try. I ended up actually getting Tone Ups instead of Shape Ups because the tongue of the shoe bothered me on the Shape Ups. Otherwise, they were really comfy. Anyway, these shoes are supposed to tone up your legs and butt. And I’m telling you…my muscles were definitely feeling it after about a 45 minute walk. And there was so much cushion in these shoes!

So, wasn’t that an exciting post? LOL. I’m just really psyched about getting back into exercise. Thanks, Kait, for inspiring me even more. Although I was going to start walking again, anyway, it helps to know I’m not alone. :0)

As far as eating goes…I’m still working on those portion sizes.

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