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Hey, it’s the Fourth of July! Which makes me wonder if anyone will even be sitting at their computer reading this. LOL

What I’ve done toward my goals this week:

1. Word count: Mon-874, Tues-1,464. Although my goals are time, not words, I still keep up with word count. I can’t help myself. But I’ve found that when I started setting aside a time instead of shooting for a certain number of words, I actually end up writing MORE words.

2. I’ve proofed the first novella in the Libby Fox trilogy. Only two more to go, and the collection will be ready to format for print. I can’t BELIEVE how many times I used the word “that”. I know I don’t do it much anymore, but I must have “reformed” after writing the first in the trilogy. LOL

3. Exercise – not so much. I was doing well until it got so hot. It’s starting to cool down just a bit…mid 90’s…so I’ll probably go back to walking and riding my back on Thursday.


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When Kait, Susan, and I were together a few weeks ago, I was complaining because my back list was selling better than my Libby Fox novellas, which were newer. Books that I know aren’t as good as the Libby Fox series were selling better. Kait suggested that I compile the three novellas into one book and see how that worked. I figured it wouldn’t hurt, so that’s what I did. The Libby Fox novellas are now together in Vampires’ Curse. This is the first book I’ve ever uploaded with the $2.99 price. It’s still less expensive than buying all three novellas separately. ($1.98 savings.) The book went live on Smashwords last night and Amazon this morning. Here is the cover (yes, I love those sexy, romantic covers with Jimmy Thomas on them, so sue me) and the links. I’m curious as to how this experiment will go. I just hope that people who have already bought the three novellas make sure they read the description and don’t buy this thinking it’s a new book.

Vampires’ Curse on Amazon

Vampires’ Curse on Smashword

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Monday night I got the three Libby Fox novellas combined together into one book. I’m going to price this at $2.99, which is less expensive than buying the three separately (which would be $4.97). All I’m waiting on is a book cover and a title. I’m racking my brain for a good title for this trilogy. I could just call it the Libby Fox Trilogy, but that doesn’t really tell anything about the book if you don’t know who Libby Fox is. The three novella titles are Dark Relic: Vampires’ Curse, Secrets of the Wolf, and Search for the Vampires’ Curse. In each of these titles, there is the word “vampire” or the word “wolf”. I did that on purpose to make the books more searchable for those looking for vampire or werewolf books. I would like to do that with the trilogy, but I can’t figure out a title. Did I mention that coming up with a title is the hardest part of my writing process? Hey, guys, any suggestions would be welcome. When the right title comes along, it usually clicks and I know it’s right.

Speaking of titles, I’m still trying to figure out a title for my gnome book. The book is about a garden gnome who comes to life (this isn’t a spoiler, it’s pretty clear from the beginning what’s going on) along with a couple of other “lawn ornaments”. There is magic involved, a witch, a sacrifice along with murder and mayhem. And just a little romance. 🙂 If any of you have suggestions for this one, I’m open. At some point, there will be a title that hits me as the right one. I just don’t want to hold up the book for lack of a title. Not that I’m done with editing yet….

Who else is close to publishing? Will this be your first or your tenth published work? 🙂

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