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No progress on my WIP since I decided to work on something different. One of my big problems is something that’s becoming a time suck. Here’s the background. I got hooked on Big Fish Games about three years ago, and so did my late best friend. I tried to use moderation when playing, though. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I had been feeling so tired and sleepy all the time, that I had stopped even enjoying playing Big Fish games. Since I’m feeling better now, I’m suddenly into them again. I mean REALLY into them. It’s so easy to sit at the computer and say, “Just a few more minutes, I have to finish this level or find this object, or…or…. Anyway, I need to seriously step back from these games. I got my mom hooked on them and that’s almost all she does anymore. They are ADDICTIVE. It’s all about self-control. I’ve learned to exercise control with my eating habits, which is the hardest thing in the world, so there’s no reason I can’t do the same with these games. It’s either cut down or go cold turkey with them. I NEED to get serious about the writing!

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Yesterday I posted that I could be a lot more productive in my writing if I could get my office looking nice and uncluttered. You know, so it doesn’t feel like the walls (and the junk) are closing in on me.

The first step was to get rid of the television that was in the floor of the room. It was one of the big ones, not the flat screen. It weighed about 200 lbs., lol. My mother decided she wanted it, so she and my brother came to get it. Hubby had already put his shoes on to help my brother carry it because hubby said it was a two man job. My brother picked it up like it was nothing and carried it out. 🙂

The next step will be to get rid of the Bowflex, which is taking up more room than anything else in the office. I haven’t used it in forever, preferring the weights at the gym where I don’t have to change a bunch of stuff around for the next exercise. I thought someone where hubby worked was going to buy it, but he didn’t. I would be willing to give it away, but hubby probably won’t.

I would really love to put a different floor in there. The carpet is light blue, and it used to be my oldest son’s bedroom. Need I say more? But that will have to come later. When I can afford it.

What about the rest of you? Do you have a writing spot that helps, or do you just write wherever you can? Does the atmosphere where you write affect your writing?

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Well, there’s nothing really to report in the writing area. NOTHING. I’m beginning to think I need to work on something else instead of my current WIP. Most of you know this is the story my husband thought of. In order to go on, I think I’m going to have to ask him for some more input. I know the basics of what is going to happen, but I don’t know what to do in between the main points. I thought it would be easy to write this story, but it has been really, really hard.

I have two more ideas in my head, one for a book, and one for a short story. I thought maybe I should work on the short story for awhile and see if that sparks my writing interest again. And I might even have to put the current WIP on hold and write the book that’s in my head, which is a ghost/murder mystery. I’m not sure what to do, but what I’m trying to do right now just isn’t working.

Another thing I need to do is get my office in order. We moved our old computer desk (with computer) in there, and there’s still a Bowflex, a treadmill, and another thing my mother-in-law gave us (I have no idea what it’s called). I have to get this exercise equipment out of my office. Oh, and the cats’ litter box is in there, too, but there’s not much I can do about that. That’s the room they get locked up in when we aren’t at home. Which is much better than outside in their cage. I’m surprised hubby agreed to that. Well, he didn’t really agree. It just happened that way. 🙂 Anyway, I think fixing my office up to look nicer would help make the atmosphere more conducive to writing. I wish I could rip out the carpet and put down some other kind of floor, but one thing at a time.

I hope everyone else is doing better than me!

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When I got up this morning, this was what was left of one of my air plants.

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

On the bright side, this one is blooming.

Awesome, A Bloom!

Awesome, A Bloom!

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Okay, I’m going to take a deep breath and carry on. For those of you who already know all about the diabetes and stuff, you can skip some of this, but since this is my first fitness post, I need to give some background.

I’ve always struggled with my weight and even got fired after 15 years with Weight Watchers because my weight was creeping up. There is a lot of obesity in my family, and I’m just glad I didn’t end up as overweight as a lot of my relatives. At one time, I got down to a size 6 in jeans. I don’t expect to ever be THERE again, but I would be happy with a 10. Oh, who am I kidding, I REALLY want to be an 8. 🙂

On December 14, I was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes. This is type 2, the kind that, although it’s hereditary, it can be prevented with proper diet and exercise. However, my diet and exercise was NOT proper. LOL. I had suspected for a couple of weeks that I was diabetic because of some symptoms, the most suspicious one being horrible thirst. My blood sugar was in the high 300’s, and according to my A1C test, it had been for some time. My doctor said my red blood cells looked like sugar frosted flakes. Ick. Anyway, I decided I would be the one in my family who took control of my diabetes. I saw my grandmother get sicker and sicker because she ate what she wanted and did no exercise. She lived to be 70. I see my mom following the same pattern, although she’s 78 now. But her kidneys are shot, and she doesn’t see as well as she should. And she’s had a couple of heart attacks. I want to break this pattern. And I also want to warn people of what can happen if they ignore their health. See, my doctor also put me on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. Guys, you DON’T want to go there.

So today is the first post for Fitness Friday, which will be linked on A Heart More Focused blog (when she gets the post up today), which I learned about through my friend, Amber West. My future posts shouldn’t be this long, but I thought I needed to do a background for all this.

Anyway, with the deep breath….before I learned I was diabetic, my weight had climbed to 193. It’s now at 182, so I’ve lost 11 lbs. My goal is to get to 140. Anything less than that, especially since I’ll have extra muscle weight, I think would be too small. But we shall see. I may adjust that if it looks like I’m carrying extra weight at that number. But if I’m in my size 8’s? Well, that’s my REAL goal. 🙂

Who wants to join me? I’m so thankful that Amber made me aware of this. Is anyone brave enough to jump in? Amber and Erika are posting measurements along with their weights. I’m not THAT brave. LOL

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Can anyone even answer that question? I’m not sure I can. I know a lot of authors give away free books in order to get readers interested in buying their other books. This sounds like a sound strategy, right? But does it work? I’ve tried it a few times, and honestly, I haven’t seen much of a surge in sales. Even giving away for free the first in a series doesn’t always mean a boost in sales of the others in the series. Not for every author, anyway. And I think I know the reason for this. I’ll have to admit, I’m one of the guilty readers. Here’s what happens with me. I find all these free books, enough of them that it’s overwhelming. Some of these books are beginnings of series. If I do ever get around to reading the first in a series, that doesn’t always mean I read the NEXT book. Why? I think it’s mostly because I have, you know, all those other free books on my Kindle. So by the time I’ve read some of those, I’ve forgotten about that other book and that other author. Occasionally, there is an author that just blows me away, and I have to get more and more of his or her books. That’s happened to me with a couple of free books I’ve gotten in the past year, and I’m going to post about that author later, but this is the exception to the rule. Bad me.

So what’s the answer? Everyone always says “write a good book and they’ll come”. Well, the problem is, there are a bunch of books out there. And many of them are good. How does a reader slog through them? How can you get YOUR book in front of people for them to even decide if they like it? So you HAVE to do some marketing. So what’s the best way to do this without being obnoxious (like constant blasts on FB or Twitter)? I don’t know the answer.

So what do you all think? Have “free” promotions boosted your sales? I’m thinking about a giveaway on my blog in the near future involving free ebooks and something cute that would go along with the book. But will it help with sales? Although I love giving away freebies and interacting with other authors and readers, the bottom line is…well…the bottom line. If I want to make a living at this some day, things are going to have to change. But how? Only the Shadow knows. (Some of you may be too young to understand that last statement. LOL)

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Air Plants

I posted (on Facebook, I think) the other day that I was excited because I had ordered some air plants and couldn’t wait to get them. I know, it doesn’t take much to excite me, right? They arrived Saturday, and I gave them a good soak. And this is what I did with them. 🙂


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