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No progress on my WIP since I decided to work on something different. One of my big problems is something that’s becoming a time suck. Here’s the background. I got hooked on Big Fish Games about three years ago, and so did my late best friend. I tried to use moderation when playing, though. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I had been feeling so tired and sleepy all the time, that I had stopped even enjoying playing Big Fish games. Since I’m feeling better now, I’m suddenly into them again. I mean REALLY into them. It’s so easy to sit at the computer and say, “Just a few more minutes, I have to finish this level or find this object, or…or…. Anyway, I need to seriously step back from these games. I got my mom hooked on them and that’s almost all she does anymore. They are ADDICTIVE. It’s all about self-control. I’ve learned to exercise control with my eating habits, which is the hardest thing in the world, so there’s no reason I can’t do the same with these games. It’s either cut down or go cold turkey with them. I NEED to get serious about the writing!


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