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I’m sitting here seriously thinking about participating in #aHeartFitFriday which was started by Erika. I learned about this from my friend, Amber West in THIS post. I actually mentioned my weight on her blog, which was exactly the same as HER current weight, but putting that kind of info on my blog…well, it’s scary. Amber does measurements, too, but I think if I do this, I’ll just stick with the weight info.

I keep thinking, who in the world even wants to hear about this? Then I realized it’s MY blog. I know it’s great to have readers and commenters, but it’s also important to blog about what I want to on my own blog. Right? So, next Friday, you MIGHT start seeing a health related post. You can choose to read it or not. I hope you will, because I know there are a lot of writers and readers out there who neglect their health. I’m trying to really work on improving mine, so if just a tiny bit of inspiration comes through, then that’s great. But, if you choose not to read, then maybe I’ll have something more interesting on other days. LOL


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