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Yesterday I posted that I could be a lot more productive in my writing if I could get my office looking nice and uncluttered. You know, so it doesn’t feel like the walls (and the junk) are closing in on me.

The first step was to get rid of the television that was in the floor of the room. It was one of the big ones, not the flat screen. It weighed about 200 lbs., lol. My mother decided she wanted it, so she and my brother came to get it. Hubby had already put his shoes on to help my brother carry it because hubby said it was a two man job. My brother picked it up like it was nothing and carried it out. 🙂

The next step will be to get rid of the Bowflex, which is taking up more room than anything else in the office. I haven’t used it in forever, preferring the weights at the gym where I don’t have to change a bunch of stuff around for the next exercise. I thought someone where hubby worked was going to buy it, but he didn’t. I would be willing to give it away, but hubby probably won’t.

I would really love to put a different floor in there. The carpet is light blue, and it used to be my oldest son’s bedroom. Need I say more? But that will have to come later. When I can afford it.

What about the rest of you? Do you have a writing spot that helps, or do you just write wherever you can? Does the atmosphere where you write affect your writing?


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