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I’m a little over halfway through edits on Soul of a Vampire. Then it will be on to the beta readers/editors. It’s funny how when you write a book, you do it a little at a time, then when you start the read through for editing, you find little plot holes and things you didn’t mention that you should have. I realized I didn’t mention the last names of two of my characters, and didn’t mention the name or much about the town in which the story is set. LOL.

It feels like fall is in the air today. After such a HOT summer, the high today is only 78 degrees. It’s not supposed to get higher than mid-80’s for the next week. Yay! No 90 degree weather…at least for awhile. 🙂

I need to get back to cooking! Since we got back from Gatlinburg, I haven’t cooked anything. 😦

How are you guys doing?


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