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Hubby and I are on vacation this week. We spent part of Tuesday, all of Wednesday, and part of Thursday in Gatlinburg. It looks like Oz wants me to pay attention to him instead of being on the computer. You can see in the picture, he’s on top of the mouse pad and has knocked the mouse askew.

We usually try to stay out of the art gallery in Gatlinburg because we can’t really afford anything there, and then we get depressed because we can’t. We both love good art. This year, they were featuring a new artist who is only 22 years old, and he is completely self taught. His name is Abraham Hunter. We immediately fell in love with his art. They happened to have some canvas wraps (I think that’s what they’re called; they are square and the canvas wraps around the sides) that were only $89, so we bought one. The picture I really wanted was $550, but we just couldn’t afford that (it was 18 x 27 signed and numbered) and if you’re interested in seeing that one, here’s the link: Light of Faith.

And here’s the canvas wrap I bought. It’s called Sunset Cove. This picture does NOT do it justice.


What about you? Do you love good art? Do you have any pieces at home that are special to you?


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I’m a little over halfway through edits on Soul of a Vampire. Then it will be on to the beta readers/editors. It’s funny how when you write a book, you do it a little at a time, then when you start the read through for editing, you find little plot holes and things you didn’t mention that you should have. I realized I didn’t mention the last names of two of my characters, and didn’t mention the name or much about the town in which the story is set. LOL.

It feels like fall is in the air today. After such a HOT summer, the high today is only 78 degrees. It’s not supposed to get higher than mid-80’s for the next week. Yay! No 90 degree weather…at least for awhile. 🙂

I need to get back to cooking! Since we got back from Gatlinburg, I haven’t cooked anything. 😦

How are you guys doing?

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I’m not sure if this post will even go through. There’s no wifi in the room and the 3G on my iPad is spotty. I’ve had to respond to comments more than once before anything will go through.

Since I finished my WIP last week, I’m taking a small break from writing while on my anniversary weekend. When I get back, I’ll start my read through/editing/proofing.

Since this was our 30th anniversary, I wanted to do something special. Hubby has lost three wedding bands because he has to take them off for work. I’m still wearing my band and tiny solitaire. So we got stainless steel bands, silver with gold trim, and had our names with hearts between them engraved into them. And our wedding date, too. They look awesome. I’ll do pics later because I can’t get the pics from my iPad to upload to WordPress.

None of you probably know this about me. But I love knives. I also fear them. I think they’re awesome. So I bought a dagger from a shop here. I’ll do a pic of that, too. One year we got our sons swords from this shop. Yeah, real swords.

Since Internet is spotty, I’ll have to wait until I get back home to do my sponsor duties. I’ll check out other blogs later. Bye for now! 🙂

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This coming Tuesday, hubby and I will have been married 30 years! It’s so hard to believe. We went through some rough tomes early in our marriage, but the last half has been great. My husband is one of the most awesome people I know. I have the utmost love and respect for him. He cleans house, does laundry, and actually listens to me when I think he’s not. Because he buys me stuff I’ve mentioned I need. 🙂 Anyway, we’re currently on the way to Gatlinburg, TN for a couple of days. That’s where we spent our honeymoon 30 years ago. I didn’t even bring my laptop, only my iPad. No writing this weekend! I’m so glad I finished my book before this weekend. This trip is going to be fun and relaxing. Good food. Maybe a little shopping. And MAYBE my husband will get me on the chairlift going up to Ober Gatlinburg. Maybe….

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