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Adventures in Sewing

Susan Bischoff and I went shopping a LONG time ago and bought everything I needed to make a skirt and blouse for my first (in a long time) sewing project. I got around to cutting out the material a few weeks ago. Today, since I’m on vacation, I’ve had a whole day to work on my sewing. How is it going? Well…maybe not too bad. I have the under skirt finished. But the lace overlay is giving me pause. I had to cut six inches off the skirt because I’m short and the skirt was much longer than I wanted. Now, I have a problem because I can’t cut off the lace (haven’t cut the material for this yet) since it has a scalloped edge. So that means I’ll have to cut off the top of the skirt instead of the bottom. Maybe this won’t be too much of a problem since the skirt is fairly straight. I guess it will be gathered just a little more. I decided to make the overlay separate from the underskirt so I can maybe mix and match later, sometimes wearing the skirt without the lace.

On to the blouse, which is what I’m just beginning to work on now. This pattern is supposed to be “very easy”, but I say nay, nay. Only because I had no idea how to use bias tape. However, thank goodness for YouTube! The way the pattern showed using the tape was confusing, but the video showed exactly how it’s done, plus an even quicker way to do it. (This is double fold bias.)

Okay, I know I’m boring the non-sewers to death. In fact, those people probably have already stopped reading. LOL. Anyway, I was just wondering. Have any of you ever used YouTube to figure out how to do something? If so, was it helpful?


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