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I finally did it…again. I really like working out on machines, but the last gym where I was a member just got too crowded. I was having to wait on machines all the time. The employees were SO pushy. And they seemed to think they were too beautiful to bother themselves with the rest of us. Yeah, that’s the feeling I got from them. I was locked in for either 2 or 3 years (don’t remember which), and it was about $40 or $50 a month. And the location wasn’t convenient at all.

So on to this new gym. And it IS new to our town. It’s called Workout Anytime. The hours when they aren’t staffed, you just slide your card to gain access. It’s much smaller than the other place I was going. I went to sign up during my lunch hour yesterday, and it wasn’t crowded at all. And the guy who signed me up wasn’t pushy, just down to earth and friendly. The machines look like good quality, and of course they are new right now. The best thing? There is NO CONTRACT. That’s right, no contract. And only $15 a month!!! Yay! What’s the downside?

So I’m going to try this and see if I can figure out a good time to work out. I was going to go at lunch, but I realized I already have lunch obligations two days a week, which only leaves me three weekdays. So I think I’m going to try going before work. I don’t plan to do my cardio there…I’m perfectly happy with my treadmill at home. So I could work out with weights for 20 minutes. Weight training rarely makes me sweat. So if I leave home about 30 minutes early, I can work out for 20 minutes, then drive 10 more minutes to work. I would probably change clothes at work instead of at the gym. And if everything goes well, I’ll probably eventually leave earlier and workout a little longer. We’ll see how it all works. I’m really excited. *happy dance*


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