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Well, it’s almost time to go. Although I do miss hubby and the animals, I’m sad to leave this beautiful place. I won’t miss Mr. Roach, though. Nor will I miss his little brother who I found resting on my pillow before I went to bed last night. I slept with the light on again. 🙂 It’s been a good trip. I finally got Soul of a Vampire ready for beta readers. I tried to get Vampires’ Curse ready for print, but I’m still having trouble with page numbers. When I finally get one problem fixed, another one crops up. I finally got the numbers right. But then when I added the blank pages needed to make sure all the chapters start on an odd number, those pages had the page numbers and headers on them, even though I started them in different sections. I’m tempted to leave those blank pages out. I’ve noticed some traditionally published books aren’t staring all chapters on odd numbered pages anymore. And I think one of them was a Stephen King. I wonder if that even matters anymore. I think it looks better, but why beat myself up over it when big publishing houses don’t all do it anymore. What to do….


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