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As most of you know, I was out of town for three days and was out late every night. So I didn’t do any writing those three days. And I chose not to write on Friday because I was in the mood to play a computer game and knew I would be restless if I wrote instead of played. However, I’m only 388 words behind my culmulative goal, so I’m not worrying about it. I can make that up in a couple of days and I’ll be back on track. Have I mentioned that this is WAY better than doing NaNoWriMo? Sure I have. LOL


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Okay, I’m feeling generous today. Why? Because Guardian Vampire is now at #323 at Amazon. Squeeeeee! It topped at #135 at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago and usually stays in the top 200 there. I have made as much money in January though all channels as I did at my regular full time job in the month of January. So I just want to celebrate. So I’m giving away Guardian Vampire, Haunted Lake, or BOTH through midnight EST Sunday, Jan. 30. All you have to do is ask for it in the comments on this post. You can ask for either book or both. (Hint-I would ask for both.) On Monday, I will send out coupon codes for Smashwords to everyone that asked for books. The codes will be good for two weeks, so redeem them fast.

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I’m a day late checking in. I was in meetings, then on airplanes. And I didn’t write a single word on my trip to New Orleans. I did okay when I was in North Carolina last week, but on this trip, they kept me out too late every night and I couldn’t hold my eyes open long enough to write. I had a little word cushion going, but now I’m behind on word count. But I know I can build that back up soon, so I’m not stressing about it at all.

I didn’t encounter any of the rumored ghosts while staying at Hotel Monteleone, but it was cool learning about the history. And I still think it’s funny that someone at our convention cancelled their reservation because he said he wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing that ghosts may be there.

And one last thing. I had the best seafood meal in, I believe, my entire life while I was there. If any of you ever get to New Orleans, try Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant. Totally awesome!

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I’m in New Orleans right now on a business trip for the company I work for. I was talking to one of the guys in our association while we were at our welcome reception. He told all of us at the table that he was going to stay here originally (the convention is here), but when he found out the hotel is supposed to be haunted, he changed his reservation. The rest of us at the table thought it was so cool that it was haunted! Now, I don’t really believe in ghosts, but I love to read and write about them. So maybe this place will inspire me to write something spooky. But I guess I’ll have to go up to the 14th floor….

Can you guess the name of the hotel? Do you know which one it is? It’s the Hotel Monteleone! *shivers*

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I don’t have a lot to report. I didn’t write anything Thursday because, well, I just didn’t want to. I went out of town on Friday, but I did get most of my words in Friday night in the hotel room. I didn’t get to write yesterday because I was working a booth for the company I work for in Hickory, NC all day, then we were on the road until 10:30. I was so sleepy, I couldn’t hold my eyes open. I expect to get my words in tonight. I’m still 1,071 words ahead, so I’m okay.

That’s all folks!

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Okay, since I was all about ranting and raving and whining yesterday about that insane person who reviewed my book without reading it, I thought I would post about something positive today. Actually, I found out about this yesterday before the craziness happened, but all that mess put a damper on things for me. But today, I thought I would share a link to a good review that made me very happy.

Guardian Vampire Review

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The following is a one star review I got which I consider slander to my character:

just so we’re clear, i didn’t bother buying this book simply because of the short excerpt from he book i read before i bought it. ok the vampires name is logan steel, sounds sexy enough,with one problem- the charactors name was taken from another book!! this book was published after a book that i have already read. this same charactor was in the book “biting nixie” to a “t” so to speak. all the way down to the detail of the charactor. if you’re going to write a book and steal ( no pun intended) a charactor from another, at least change them a bit to reflect your own personal interest in the charactor.

and to boot not only was he in a different book, but another book from mary hughes was based solely on his charactor in another biting romance novel. i’m utterly disappointed in peoples lack of imagination in creating their own work.

again i say that i haven’t bought this book, nor do i intend on doing so simply because of the lack of imagination put into this book. however if you are someone who enjoys a well thought out storyline and charactors i would refer you to mary hughes biting love series. especially “biting nixie”.

I usually don’t answer bad reviews, but no one calls my character into question without a rebuttal:

Just for the record… I have never read nor heard of another book with a character named Logan Steele. I would NEVER steal anything from someone else’s book. That’s deplorable and I just don’t do it! If you read a book and don’t like it, and it deserves a one star review, then so be it. But it is mean and nasty to assume a character was stolen, and give a one star review, without even contacting an author to see if…wow…you might be wrong. I hope you reconsider and change your review since you have accused me unjustly and that’s neither fair nor morally right. If your conscience can allow you to let it stand…then that’s something you’ll have to live with. My conscience is clear.

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It seems like this past week has been a combination of “I can’t wait to get this scene that’s in my head written in my book!” and “Do I really have to write today?” On one of the days with the former attitude, I wrote about 1200 words. On the latter…I have to push to get the 500, usually ending up with a little over 600 if I’m lucky. But, as of now, I think I’m a little over 2,000 words over my cumulative goal. I don’t have an exact figure because I’m at work right now, but I know I’m ahead enough to feel comfortable about it.

I think the challenge is going to be getting the scary scenes scary enough. If I can’t, this may end up being a paranormal romance or thriller rather than horror. And I can live with that.

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I’m not feeling very “wordy” today, so I’ll just be brief. I took off from writing on Thurs. (can’t even remember why, but there was something) and yesterday (because it was my birthday). But I’m still ahead on my cumultive word count by 708 words because I usually writing more than my goal of 500 per day. I don’t take any days off unless I’m ahead enough on my word count to make up for it.

I haven’t written anything today, but I had a brainstorm about a scene while I was getting ready for church this morning. So I expect to write more than 500 today.

Hope everyone else is doing well!

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My friend Anya got an email from Amazon telling about new releases in Vampire Romance. I got it, too, but didn’t read it. LOL. Anyway, she scrolled through the pages and found Guardian Vampire on page 5. So the question is…do people look that far? Do they scroll through that many pages, or do they stop at the first couple? I’m a scroller because I don’t want to miss anything. But people are kind of impatient these days. So are they too impatient to browse a lot?

Just a side note concerning the bad Amazon review I got the other day. Since that day, my rank has been steadily declining. It may be that bad reviews mean more than I thought. I’m still at 900, but I had gotten up to 563. Or maybe it had just run its course.

Another word concerning ratings and reviews. B & N gives people the ability to just rate something without having to review or without letting anyone know who they are. I think this is making people more likely to rate, since they don’t have to actually think or write down anything. Because I have 3 reviews on Amazon for GV, but on B & N I have 26 ratings (4 of which are reviews). I don’t know if this is good or bad for authors, but it definitely makes it easier for readers to give an opinion…just click a star.

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