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Today, I’m snowed in. The company I work for even closed because, in the south, eight inches of snow shuts everything down. I was planning on working from home, but apparently my work computer is turned off. Maybe a power outage. So I don’t get paid today. 😦 So I’ll try to be constructive in other ways. You know, like writing.

Guardian Vampire got a bad review on Amazon. It wasn’t just bad, it was a TERRIBLE review. Probably the worst I’ve ever had, even though I felt like Guardian Vampire was so much better than anything I had done in the past. I could tell that one of the things the reviewer didn’t like was that there wasn’t any sex in it. Because she said that nothing happened even though you kept thinking something was going to. This time, I didn’t get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. So I think I’ve finally learned to not let these reviews bother me.

I was thinking…one of the cool things about ROW80 is that it’s going to produce a bunch of good reading material for me when it’s all published. And that’s always a good thing! :0) Because I’m definitely going to check out the ROW80 authors’ books.


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