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I had two goals for ROW80. One of them was to get Haunted Lake edited. Well, I kind of cheated on that one because I had two whole days off from work, so I edited during that time, before ROW80. After finding a few typos, a couple of discrepancies, and one really obvious contradiction (my beta readers didn’t even catch it, lol), I think I have it finished. I’m one of those writers that edits chapter by chapter as I write so that I don’t have as much to edit later. So that goal is accomplished…even if I cheated by starting early. But I saw no reason to waste those two days. And, unlike NaNo, you don’t get slapped on the hand for this.

Also, I’m ahead on word count by a little over 500. My goal was 500 words per day, and I wrote 991 the first day. On the second day, I struggled to get word count in (but I did it) because I’m not loving this story yet. But I felt the same way about Guardian Vampire and it ended up being the best thing I had written. So I’m not giving up on this baby.


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