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The following is a one star review I got which I consider slander to my character:

just so we’re clear, i didn’t bother buying this book simply because of the short excerpt from he book i read before i bought it. ok the vampires name is logan steel, sounds sexy enough,with one problem- the charactors name was taken from another book!! this book was published after a book that i have already read. this same charactor was in the book “biting nixie” to a “t” so to speak. all the way down to the detail of the charactor. if you’re going to write a book and steal ( no pun intended) a charactor from another, at least change them a bit to reflect your own personal interest in the charactor.

and to boot not only was he in a different book, but another book from mary hughes was based solely on his charactor in another biting romance novel. i’m utterly disappointed in peoples lack of imagination in creating their own work.

again i say that i haven’t bought this book, nor do i intend on doing so simply because of the lack of imagination put into this book. however if you are someone who enjoys a well thought out storyline and charactors i would refer you to mary hughes biting love series. especially “biting nixie”.

I usually don’t answer bad reviews, but no one calls my character into question without a rebuttal:

Just for the record… I have never read nor heard of another book with a character named Logan Steele. I would NEVER steal anything from someone else’s book. That’s deplorable and I just don’t do it! If you read a book and don’t like it, and it deserves a one star review, then so be it. But it is mean and nasty to assume a character was stolen, and give a one star review, without even contacting an author to see if…wow…you might be wrong. I hope you reconsider and change your review since you have accused me unjustly and that’s neither fair nor morally right. If your conscience can allow you to let it stand…then that’s something you’ll have to live with. My conscience is clear.


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It seems like this past week has been a combination of “I can’t wait to get this scene that’s in my head written in my book!” and “Do I really have to write today?” On one of the days with the former attitude, I wrote about 1200 words. On the latter…I have to push to get the 500, usually ending up with a little over 600 if I’m lucky. But, as of now, I think I’m a little over 2,000 words over my cumulative goal. I don’t have an exact figure because I’m at work right now, but I know I’m ahead enough to feel comfortable about it.

I think the challenge is going to be getting the scary scenes scary enough. If I can’t, this may end up being a paranormal romance or thriller rather than horror. And I can live with that.

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