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My friend Anya got an email from Amazon telling about new releases in Vampire Romance. I got it, too, but didn’t read it. LOL. Anyway, she scrolled through the pages and found Guardian Vampire on page 5. So the question is…do people look that far? Do they scroll through that many pages, or do they stop at the first couple? I’m a scroller because I don’t want to miss anything. But people are kind of impatient these days. So are they too impatient to browse a lot?

Just a side note concerning the bad Amazon review I got the other day. Since that day, my rank has been steadily declining. It may be that bad reviews mean more than I thought. I’m still at 900, but I had gotten up to 563. Or maybe it had just run its course.

Another word concerning ratings and reviews. B & N gives people the ability to just rate something without having to review or without letting anyone know who they are. I think this is making people more likely to rate, since they don’t have to actually think or write down anything. Because I have 3 reviews on Amazon for GV, but on B & N I have 26 ratings (4 of which are reviews). I don’t know if this is good or bad for authors, but it definitely makes it easier for readers to give an opinion…just click a star.


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I’m finally getting around to posting my check in after battling a migraine, then working on an editing job I have right now. So I haven’t had time to write my 500 words yet tonight. But I’m going to.

As of yesterday, though, I’m 1,685 words over my culmultive goal. Hey, I can take three days off! LOL. But, of course, I won’t. It’s nice to have that cushion, though, in case something goes wrong. And I probably won’t write anything Saturday because it’s my birthday. 🙂 So, yeah, I’m on track.

I hope everyone else is doing great!

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