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I’m finally getting around to posting my check in after battling a migraine, then working on an editing job I have right now. So I haven’t had time to write my 500 words yet tonight. But I’m going to.

As of yesterday, though, I’m 1,685 words over my culmultive goal. Hey, I can take three days off! LOL. But, of course, I won’t. It’s nice to have that cushion, though, in case something goes wrong. And I probably won’t write anything Saturday because it’s my birthday. 🙂 So, yeah, I’m on track.

I hope everyone else is doing great!

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Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble’s PubIt is still wonky. Today I looked and December sales are STILL trickling in. And now the Jan 1-6 sales are starting to grow. But I’m still not showing ANY sales after that. I know that’s not right because I got up to #145 in rank on B & N. This is all so frustrating. I know others are frustrated, too, judging by what I’m seeing on the forums. But I want to know what my sales really are! Waaaaaaaa! Okay, end of crying.

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Today, I’m snowed in. The company I work for even closed because, in the south, eight inches of snow shuts everything down. I was planning on working from home, but apparently my work computer is turned off. Maybe a power outage. So I don’t get paid today. 😦 So I’ll try to be constructive in other ways. You know, like writing.

Guardian Vampire got a bad review on Amazon. It wasn’t just bad, it was a TERRIBLE review. Probably the worst I’ve ever had, even though I felt like Guardian Vampire was so much better than anything I had done in the past. I could tell that one of the things the reviewer didn’t like was that there wasn’t any sex in it. Because she said that nothing happened even though you kept thinking something was going to. This time, I didn’t get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. So I think I’ve finally learned to not let these reviews bother me.

I was thinking…one of the cool things about ROW80 is that it’s going to produce a bunch of good reading material for me when it’s all published. And that’s always a good thing! :0) Because I’m definitely going to check out the ROW80 authors’ books.

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I’m still doing fine. My goal is 500 words per day, which for me isn’t necessarily that I have to write that many a day, but that I average that. I took a day off on Friday because I was 996 words ahead of goal, and I got in late that night. Then on Saturday I wrote 1187 words, so I’m back to 1183 words ahead of goal. I haven’t done my writing for today, but I see no problems with that. I think I know what’s going to happen next.

Oh how I wish I didn’t work a full time job!

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My newest novel, Haunted Lake, is now available on Smashwords. It should be up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in a couple of days. :0)

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I had two goals for ROW80. One of them was to get Haunted Lake edited. Well, I kind of cheated on that one because I had two whole days off from work, so I edited during that time, before ROW80. After finding a few typos, a couple of discrepancies, and one really obvious contradiction (my beta readers didn’t even catch it, lol), I think I have it finished. I’m one of those writers that edits chapter by chapter as I write so that I don’t have as much to edit later. So that goal is accomplished…even if I cheated by starting early. But I saw no reason to waste those two days. And, unlike NaNo, you don’t get slapped on the hand for this.

Also, I’m ahead on word count by a little over 500. My goal was 500 words per day, and I wrote 991 the first day. On the second day, I struggled to get word count in (but I did it) because I’m not loving this story yet. But I felt the same way about Guardian Vampire and it ended up being the best thing I had written. So I’m not giving up on this baby.

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I usually don’t post twice in one day but I just checked my ranking on Amazon for Guardian Vampire. It’s #36 in Romance:Vampires and #40 in Kindle Ebooks:Romance:Romantic Suspense and #45 in Romance:Romantic Suspense. My sales suddenly jumped today. Wow! Overall, I’m at #1,864. That’s not huge, but I’m not crying about it. :0)

I’m a little over 4200 in ranking at Barnes and Noble.

I was just so excited I wanted to tell someone. Those numbers may not be a big deal for some authors, but they are for me!

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Today is the first day of ROW80 and I’m really excited. I’m happy to be participating and also happy to help by being a sponsor. I hope I can encourage authors along the way. I have a lot to do tonight, including getting back on the workout schedule (boy, will I be sore tomorrow), but I plan on writing at least my 500 words, and hopefully more.

I was amazed at how my Barnes & Noble sales of Guardian Vampire were so much better than Amazon. Well, now that’s changed, and Amazon sales are better than B & N now. Amazon sales are definitely better for my other titles, but part of that is due to the fact that I can’t get B & N to take down the Smashwords versions, and though I’ve opted out of B & N on Smashwords now, they haven’t done anything about it either. Which divides my sales up on those titles depending on which one the customer happens to click on. And I don’t know how many I’ve sold of the Smashwords version until B & N sends those reports. Grrrrr. The real time reporting was one of the reasons I chose to go with PubIt! instead of staying with Smashwords. Plus, the titles are much more searchable now. Of course AFTER I decided to make the change, THEN Smashwords announces that B & N is paying 60% on the titles through Smashwords. Grrrrr again.

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!

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