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I probably shouldn’t be doing this at work since I’m so busy, but most people get scheduled breaks. I don’t, so I just take breaks when I can. And this counts as a break. LOL

In the wee hours of the morning, while I was fast asleep, I was awakened by my husband saying, “Get off, get off, get off!” I jumped out of bed, and yelled, “What?!” His reply? “Oh, I was talking to the cat.” I did get a giggle out of that, so I wasn’t mad that he woke me up. Apparently, the cat was standing on his sore leg.

So in the last couple of weeks, my cats have caught two mice. They chase them and smack them around. When they are finally dead, they keep playing with them, batting them into the air. It’s really sad for me because I feel sorry for the mice. I’m just glad my cats aren’t the kind that enjoy tearing them apart and eating parts of them. I couldn’t stand having entrails spread across my house. *shudders*.

Here’s a funny thing. Our puppy, Duke (who is 30.4 lbs. and is only about 5 months old), loves to go grab washcloths or dishcloths out of the bathroom or laundry room and chew on them. The cats hide when he’s in the house because he chases them. But when he goes out, my female cat, Willow, goes to the cloth Duke has been chewing on and rolls around on it and rubs her face in it. It honestly looks like the thing is covered in catnap, the way she acts. Does anyone have a clue why she does this? She’s terrified of the dog, but she acts like she loves rolling in his scent. What’s up with that???


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