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Okay, first the bad news. I knew this would eventually have to happen. A large weight gain. I got on the scale this morning and was up 2.5 lbs. That’s a lot. And the thing is…I didn’t really eat any differently than usual this week. The only thing I did was start back with my exercise. I hadn’t exercised in about two weeks because of my work schedule, but I got in a couple of days this week. That can be kind of discouraging when you actually do something good and you end up getting not so great results. However, I do know that the weight gain COULD be water weight. Also, I can remember when I was working for Weight Watchers, many of the members had a weight gain the first week or two after starting exercise. Me, too. So I did a little research on this, and I found out that when you start exercising, your muscle cells will hold water. I won’t go into the specifics, but here’s one article on the Weight Watchers website concerning that. Weight Gain With Exercise? So it could be that or just plain old water retention. The main thing to remember is this is an ongoing lifestyle change, not something that can make or break me because of one week or even one month. It’s a lifetime commitment.

Now the fun stuff. When I got home yesterday evening, my husband was cleaning out closets. He had started with the closet in my son’s room, the one who just moved out recently. I had some old clothes in there and my husband wanted to know what to do with them. I told him they were clothes I still loved and just couldn’t wear yet. Then we started in our bedroom closet. I ended up finding about three pairs of jeans in there that I could wear, along with a couple pairs of capris. So we sorted them into clothes I could wear now, clothes that I could probably wear about five lbs. from now. And clothes that I’ll be able to wear sometime down the road. It was really fun because I used to have some really cute clothes. One type of clothing I’m going to be so glad to get rid of is going to be the long, full, “hide-the-fat” skirts. LOL. Some of them are pretty, but not really my style anymore. I used to never wear stuff like that, but as I gained weight, I found myself buying more and more of those big skirts. No more. 🙂

Anyway, that’s my story. I’m disappointed, but not discouraged. And going through the closets showed me I had really made progress. I don’t feel those 2.5 lbs. My clothes didn’t get tighter. So I’m not worried. But I’m not going to post stats this week, because I don’t want to actually SEE the gain and the change in total weight loss. I’ll get back to that next week when I lose weight again. Not if. When. 🙂


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