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I really wanted to post this yesterday, but I had already done a post. I was so upset, I just went ahead and wrote the post and scheduled it for today. You guys know me. I’m such an easy going person. Very forgiving, very calm. Most of the time. But there are some things that just get under my skin, and the author of a book I just read really ticked me off.

Here’s what happened. I was reading a historical romance. (I won’t call the author out in public, because I don’t think that’s cool.) I’ve been reading this romance on my iPad while walking on the treadmill. It was really a nice little book. I always check my percentages and locations, and this was a fairly long book. I thought. It was getting close to the point where some things were going to be resolved, and I was far less than halfway through the book, so I was wondering what intriguing things were going to happen to prolong the story. I couldn’t figure out what the author had planned, but I figured it must be good to last through more than half the book. Was the heroine going to be kidnapped? Was someone going to get hurt and have to fight for their life? Were the heroine and hero going to have another conflict (there were many already) and was she going to leave and he have to find her? Oh, the possibilities! Then I got to 39% and suddenly they loved each other and lived happily ever after. What? Something was going on here! I had 61% more book to read, so what happened? Then I started skimming through the next pages. Excerpts! Reviews! Book covers! Oh my! First I was bewildered, then I was mad. This author had basically fooled readers into thinking the book was longer than it was. Now I’m perfectly fine with a few pages of this But 61%? Really? Needless to say, I’ll never read another word this author writes. Never. I don’t care if her books end up on the best seller lists and people rave about them (which I doubt will happen). I’m done. Authors…please don’t do this. Maybe do an excerpt of one or two of your books. List the rest as links on one page. Don’t take half the book to advertise your other stuff. Don’t lie to me. Don’t make me think you’re giving me more than you are. It’s very deceiving. You could lose a lot of readers this way. /End of rant

Note: I went to the Amazon page of this book, and there were a bunch of upset readers. I noticed there was now a note at the end of the description stating “Please note this ebook also contains several multi-chapter previews of medieval romance novels written by (author’s name)”.


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