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I really don’t have a lot to say this morning. The three days I planned to write this week…well…it didn’t happen. Yep, life got in the way again. I sliced my palm on Thursday, had a church thing to go to on Friday night, had a sick husband on Saturday…. Yes, after all this stuff with his ankle, now he has a toothache. A BAD one. And all the emergency dental places he called weren’t working this weekend. He almost passed out yesterday, so I didn’t leave him all day. My mom went to the drugstore for us and filled a pain prescription he had. His regular dentist can’t see him till Wednesday, but he’s going SOMEWHERE tomorrow. This is hurting him worse than his broken ankle. So it makes me hurt, too, almost to the point of crying. 😦 And his face is starting to swell.

Oh, and I have a sick cat. It’s Oz throwing up this time instead of Willow. So it looks like a vet visit.

I hope everyone else had a better week!


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