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I don’t know if “play” is exactly the right word for this. Apparently, hubby and I both fell asleep while Duke was still loose in the house. When we woke up, Duke was in the living room, acting innocent. We put him in the laundry room, where he stays at night when it’s cold outside. So I got up this morning to feed the cats. I’ve been keeping their food in the room they stay in when we’re not at home. This is the mess I walked into. I knew the cats weren’t able to caused this kind of destruction. Duke had obviously done this while we were asleep last night. This is an entire bag of cat food. The bag itself was torn to shreds. The cats’ food and water bowls were missing, and I found them under the pile. This was a hard cleanup because there were bits of the bag all through the food. Grrrrrrr. Oh, and that’s the bottom of my office chair you see in the picture if you’re wondering.



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