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No, I didn’t fall off the wagon or anything. It’s just that I only got about 3 hours sleep last night…or should I say this morning. My husband had gone out to the car about 10 last night to warm up his car before he went to work. It’s really dark out there and he stepped in a hole, turning his ankle. He heard a sickening pop. Bless his heart, he CRAWLED back to the front door. He has a chipped bone in his ankle, and he’ll be out of work at least a week. He’s on crutches now. I don’t know how we’ll pay our bills this month. 😦 We’re living from paycheck to paycheck the way it is, and now we’ll be even farther behind. But the good news is he isn’t hurt as badly as he could have been, and that’s what’s important.

I keep wondering if I’ll fall asleep at my desk and someone will hear me snoring….

But here’s the good news.

Stats for this week:
Beginning weight: 193
Today’s weight: 176
This week’s loss: 2 lbs.
Total loss: 17 lbs.

Soon I’ll weigh less than my husband. 🙂


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