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When Kait, Susan, and I were together a few weeks ago, I was complaining because my back list was selling better than my Libby Fox novellas, which were newer. Books that I know aren’t as good as the Libby Fox series were selling better. Kait suggested that I compile the three novellas into one book and see how that worked. I figured it wouldn’t hurt, so that’s what I did. The Libby Fox novellas are now together in Vampires’ Curse. This is the first book I’ve ever uploaded with the $2.99 price. It’s still less expensive than buying all three novellas separately. ($1.98 savings.) The book went live on Smashwords last night and Amazon this morning. Here is the cover (yes, I love those sexy, romantic covers with Jimmy Thomas on them, so sue me) and the links. I’m curious as to how this experiment will go. I just hope that people who have already bought the three novellas make sure they read the description and don’t buy this thinking it’s a new book.

Vampires’ Curse on Amazon

Vampires’ Curse on Smashword


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