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I finished edits and proofing on the gnome story. The only real problem I have now is making that last fight scene between the witches longer. Anya says it’s too short, and I agree with her. I checked to make sure I didn’t describe the characters’ eating too much since Susan says that’s a no no. It’s a problem for me because I love to describe the food. And I love it when other authors describe what people are eating. Unfortunately, I’m in the minority. In fact, I’ve had a couple of readers complain that I did it too much in other books. There is one scene in the gnome book that describes the pizza and how much they like it, but that has to be done in order for them to get tickled about it and start laughing. It enhances the budding attraction between the two characters.

As soon as I get that last fight scene figured out, the book will go to three beta readers (one has already read it as it was written). When they finish, if there aren’t too many changes suggested, it will be almost ready for publishing. I was hoping to have this done before the beginning of Round Two, but it didn’t happen. And two of the betas might take a little longer since they are involved in their own ROW80 projects. But I can be working on my ROW80 project while I’m waiting, so I’m not going to hurry anyone. I’ll just be glad to get that scene done and the story finally finished. This one took a lot out of me. Whew!


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