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I’m Soooo Sick :(

This is going to be short and sweet. For the past few days, I’ve been really sick, coughing until my throat and chest feel raw, sneezing, etc. I went home early from work yesterday. I’m here today, but I’ll probably go home early again. I probably should go to the doctor, but where I go is first come, first served, and I don’t feel like waiting. Nor do I want to pick up yet another bug from all the sick people there. So I’m hoping I can shake this thing without a prescription. I rarely get sick like this. 😦

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t been around the blogs. I just don’t think my brain can think up any good comments right now. So, there’s been no writing either. Just going home and lying down.

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The two topics in the title kind of go together because Birthdaypalooza was a big help for ROW80.

I spent many hours with two fabulous authors on Friday and Saturday. Susan and Kait take their writing very seriously and are very professional in their approach. Not to mention they are two of the most fun people to hang out with. We stayed up until 2 Friday night and we didn’t even realize it was that late. That’s how much fun we had just talking. And almost all our conversations revolved around writing, even the zombie/hot Irish guys stuff. (See Kait’s post.) I think all three of us got new ideas and got fired up again about writing. I can’t tell you how much I LEARNED from this trip. And I’m thinking that just maybe Kait and Susan have converted me to a plotter. I’ve been a pantser all along, but I realized that if I wrote an outline, it didn’t have to be written in blood. I can still change stuff! I can CHANGE STUFF. Anyway, this was a fun and inspiring weekend. I already miss Susan and Kait. 😦

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Today is a very exciting day. Why? Because Susan Bischoff is coming to my house, and then she and I are going to Birmingham to meet Kait Nolan. We’re staying there one night, and we’re going to have a great little writers retreat. We always have so much fun when we get together.

Have any of the rest of you gotten to meet your author friends? Tell me about it!

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I’m sitting here scratching my head and wondering why some books sell and some don’t. I don’t mean all books, I just mean mine. LOL Why do the same two books sell the best all the time?

Guardian Vampire took off in January and February of 2011 and made me a lot of money in those two months. I never figured out why that particular one sold like that. And now, over a year later, it’s still running neck and neck with Haunted Lake in sales. Haunted Lake is selling a little better right now, but GV is still doing well. If it weren’t for those two books, I wouldn’t be making much money. Haunted Lake actually took about 7 months from the publishing date to really start selling well. I don’t know why. It’s averaging 4 1/2 stars on Amazon, so that’s encouraging.

The reason I did the Libby Fox series in the first place is because my readers asked for a series. They really wanted a sequel to Guardian Vampire, but there just WASN’T a sequel in my heart and mind. So I did this other vampire series. There’s even a werewolf in the second and third book. And honestly…I think the Libby Fox books are better than Guardian Vampire. Much better, in my opinion. The covers are definitely better. Was it the title that sparked interest? (Thank you Susan.) Are the Libby Fox titles all wrong? The readers wanted a series. I gave them one. But they aren’t selling like I want them to. Is it going to be a delayed reaction like Haunted Lake was? I released the three novellas in June, August, and December of 2011. Should I be patient? I know the key to continue selling is to keep writing and publishing. But I’m still getting better sales on my older stuff.

So now I’m wondering about my garden gnome supernatural horror story. I haven’t a clue in the world how it will do. It’s out of my genre, but not too far out. There’s a romance in it, that’s just not the main focus of the story. Will readers think it really sucks? Or will they like this book that’s different from my others? My first beta reader likes it, even though she’s only seen the first draft. I’m anxious to see what my other betas think after I get the edits done. The thing is, even though I wonder about these things, I’m not AFRAID to publish this story. Because what will be will be. I’ll never know until I publish it.

So here’s an interesting question. Should I write a sequel to Haunted Lake or Guardian Vampire? Should I force myself to revisit those characters just to try to boost sales? Or should I follow my heart and mind and write what I feel? Actually, I’m not so sure I would mind revisiting Haunted Lake. Because the guy that DIDN’T get the girl might just have his own story to tell. The possibilities are endless, aren’t they?

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A little writing progress. I sat down last night and added some things to my story so the ending would make more sense. I explained something that was just mentioned in passing about one of the characters. I added the simple stuff right into my manuscript, but the more complicated stuff I wrote in a separate word document. I’m not sure exactly where I want to place in in the manuscript, so it was easier to do it this way until I figure it out. I also need to expand on the final “witch fight” scene. I rushed it a little just to get it done, but I know it needs more. Anya agrees. 🙂

I’m still trying to decide if I want to buy Scrivener. I guess I should download the free trial and see.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend with Susan Bischoff and Kait Nolan. Much fun will be had.

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My friend, Anya, tells me she never reads a book more than once. When she’s read it, she’s done. That got me thinking about what books I’ve felt like were so good that I’ve read them more than once. Here’s my short list:

IT by Stephen King
The Touch by F. Paul Wilson
The Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney Sheldon
A Gift of Violets by Janette Radcliffe

I’ve read several books twice, but the list above is comprised of books I’ve read at least 4 or 5 times. The oddest thing about those four books is they are all different genres. IT is horror. The Touch is, I guess, a supernatural thriller. The Doomsday Conspiracy is SciFi/Adventure. A Gift of Violets is a historical romance. See, I’ve said many times that I’m an eclectic reader. 🙂

What books have you read more than once? I would love to know!

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There’s not a whole lot going on with the writing. I’m 2/3 through proofing the novella collection for print. I’ve put my garden gnome horror story (still no title) aside for just a little while so I can look at it with fresh eyes before starting major edits. The Christian romance is going okay. Exercise isn’t going as well, but I’m trying to plod on with that. I’m way too sporadic with it.

Also, I want to thank all of you who responded so kindly to my silliness a few days ago. I should not have gotten my feelings hurt about that whole Valentine’s giveaway thing. However, that silly post actually got good results, although that really wasn’t my intention, LOL. Several people, some ROW80ers and some not, not only responded but also tweeted and blogged about my giveaway. Soon, I had a bunch of people requesting my free books. I want to say a special thanks to Ruth Ann Nordin, C. M. Hubbard, and Stephannie Beman for going that EXTRA mile to get the word out about my contest. I also want to thank my lovely cover artist Anya Kelleye for posting my giveaway on Jimmy Thomas’ wall on Facebook, since he’s the cover model on all the Libby Fox novellas. 🙂 All of you that tweeted or blogged about my giveaway, I’m SO grateful to all of you! And there will be more giveaways in the future! 🙂

I wanted to mention another benefit I got from all the blog love. I found some other books to read! Some of the commenters either wrote books I want to read or mentioned books they like on their blog. I’ll say more about that in a post sometime later.

I hope the rest of you had a great week!

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