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I haven’t done a lot this week. As most of you know, I’ve been ill. I was feeling better, then for two days, I had a horrible stomach ache. Not really crampy, but achy. I wonder if my antibiotics messed up my stomach? I have one more day on those and then I’m done.

I did add a couple of things to my gnome story, including inserting a whole scene, albeit a short one. I still need to expand on the final fight scene between the witches. I tried to do that the other day, but nothing was coming. I’m terrible at writing fight scenes (I’m a lover, not a figher, LOL), so I struggle with them. After that, I’m going to print it out for the final proofing, then send to some beta readers.

My goals for this week are 1) As I said, proofing the gnome story (I’m desperately in need of a title), 2) combining the three Libby Fox novellas into one ebook (again, I need a title), and 3) getting my other novella collection, Loving the Dead and the Undead, formatted for print. I’m also beta reading for one person and editing for another one right now.

I may not get to all the blogs I want to get to this evening. So I’ll probably do that tomorrow evening. I have to get my taxes ready to send to the accountant. Last Sunday, since I was at home sick instead of going to church, I thought I would try to visit all the blogs on the Linky Tool list. At the time, there were about 35 people listed. I got to them all except one Blogspot blog that wouldn’t let me comment no matter what I tried. It took me 3 1/2 hours to comment on them all! I realized that I just can’t visit everyone every time. I just wish I could. 😦

Oh, one more thing. Is anyone having problems with Google Chrome? I kept getting a message that I couldn’t go to a website and I thought it was my internet. But my husband was getting online, so I tried Internet Explorer and it worked fine. Chrome is my preferred browser, and I don’t know why it’s not working. 😦


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