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1. I feel marginally better. There isn’t quite as much wheezing in my chest, so maybe the antibiotic is doing its magic. Those are the biggest antibiotic pills I’ve ever seen. I still haven’t gotten the results of my chest xray, so I still don’t know if it’s bronchitis or pneumonia. I guess I’ll have to call them Monday. You can’t always count on the doctor’s office to call you. Which sucks.

2. I finished proofing the last novella in the three novella collection I’m doing for print. I haven’t felt like even doing that, but last night I picked it up and starting reading. It had been so long since I had read it that it was almost like reading something by another author. LOL. I read it in one sitting. Actually, I really enjoyed reading it. 🙂

3. Smashwords has a special catalog this week for their Read an Ebook sale. This is where authors discount their books for a week. I’m offering Dark Relic: Vampires’ Curse (Libby Fox Book One) for free for the sale. Here is the link:

Dark Relic: Vampires’ Curse and the coupon code is RE100.


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