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Hi fellow ROW80ers!

I was 1397 words over my cumulative goal, but I took a day off last night, so I’m only over 897 as of this morning. I’m definitely going to take days off along the way, but only if I’m ahead. I wrote about 1000 words in the last scene, but I’m kind of contemplating what I want to happen next.

Exercise was once again a massive fail. I’m having timing problems with the exercise, and I need to get into a routine. Work has been so busy, it leaves me exhausted by the end of the day. But I know if I exercise I’ll feel better.

I’m getting very close to finished with my proofing of Starfane for print. I already have it formatting, I just need to make sure there’s no typos, etc.

I’ll be popping over to some other people’s blog off and on during the day.

Oh, and check out Fairytale Nerd, where she’s interviewing me today. 🙂

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