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ROW80 Check In 10/19

On the writing…even though I skipped those three days, I’m 563 words ahead of my goal. I sat down last night, not sure where I was going with the story, then suddenly over 1300 words burst out of me. LOL. I would really like to get ahead even more this week so I won’t feel pressure about it while I’m in Disney World next week.

On the exercise…as I said in yesterday’s post, I got up yesterday morning and walked 20 minutes on the treadmill. I woke up this morning, planning on doing it again today. However, I immediately realized why I woke up before the alarm went off. I had a horrible headache. So I had to go back to bed for awhile. I took something, but I’m still fighting the headache here at work. So I don’t think I’ll do a lot today. 😦

Versatile Blogger
I feel bad about something. Almost a week ago, L.S. Engler nominated me for a versatile blogger award. I feel bad that I’m just now acknowledging that. I’ve just been so busy, and very frustrated with my internet at home. So, anyway, here’s what I have to do.

1. Thank the person who nominated you. Thank you so much, L.S.!

2. Pass this award along. I’m like L.S., I can’t possibly pass it along to as many people as I would like. So I’ll nominate Kait Nolan, Susan Bischoff, C.M. Cipriani, E. A. West, and Tiffany White. I know some of you are very, very busy, so I will not be in the least offended if you don’t pass this along. I completely understand. I just wanted to let you guys know that I think you come up with some really cool posts.

3. List seven things about yourself. This is the hardest part, but here goes:

1) I’m a Christian
2) My favorite musical group is The Beatles
3) My favorite author is Stephen King
4) I’m very claustrophobic
5) My two favorite shows ever are Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Moonlight
6) I have two other businesses: an Etsy shop where I sell eggshell ornaments and jewelry; and I sell Mary Kay cosmetics.
7) I have a wonderful husband, and two great boys, ages 29 and 22.

Wow…I didn’t realize how boring I was.


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