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Hey there, fellow ROW80ers! How’s everyone doing?

I have nothing really earth shattering to report. For my main goal of an average of 500 words per day, I’m 382 words ahead. I took off on Friday because…well…I wanted to. LOL. That’s one reason I like to stay ahead, so I can have a day off here and there.

On the exercise front? Well, I did ride my bike one evening. My whole body was aching so badly the next morning that I had to take pain medicine. It was clear that riding a bike after not doing it for many years really takes a toll on a body that’s not so young anymore. But I have to keep at it. And I seriously need a bike carrier for my car. Have you ever tried to get a bike back into an HHR? I had the back seats laid down, but it took three of us to get it in. And it took us a long time. It’s funny how my husband got it in there that morning all by himself with no problems….


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