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I just wanted to let everyone know that my five print books are up for auction on eBay, all proceeds going to Women’s Center High Desert. This charitable event can be found on the FaceBook event Justplummy Holiday Bazaar and Fundraiser.

Here are the eBay links to my books:

Haunted Lake


Loving the Dead and the Undead

Soul of a Vampire

Vampires’ Curse

Go check out all the listings for plumhoff1955. There will be more up this afternoon. The bids all start at $5.00. All proceeds go to the Women’s Center. This event starts today and runs for three days. Thanks Rhonda Plumhoff!


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I’ve been a fan of horror ever since my high school librarian first introduced me to Stephen King. She suggested I read “Carrie”, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Stephen King is the master. The KING. No one has ever been able to touch me quite like he has. He has a way of making you feel like you’re right there in the story and that you know all the characters intimately. King’s characters are his strongest point.

But then there’s the horror. The scary stuff, the stuff that gives you the chills. What is it that makes us want to read this? Why do we want to be scared? I’ve found, the older I get, the harder it is for me to watch scary movies, especially alone. But I LOVE reading the books. The horror fascinates me. I’m not as crazy about the slasher stuff, even though that’s sometimes part of it. It’s the supernatural, eerie, ghostly stuff I love. Or sometimes the horror isn’t supernatural, but the horror of the human psyche. There are some sick people in some of the horror books.

I’ve sometimes wondered if there was something wrong with me because I like horror. Is there something twisted in my mind? And what about the people who actually WRITE this stuff? They have to be kind of twisted, right? But, honestly, the horror writers I’ve met on the internet have been normal, well-adjusted husbands and dads or wives and mothers. Horror writers are usually just ordinary folks. So I may never know the WHY of it all. Maybe someone can give me some ideas of why we like horror.

That brings me to my writing. The first novel I ever wrote and published, A Rocky Path, was a ghost story/love story. I don’t know why I was compelled to write paranormal romance. My second novel, Starfane, was a fantasy romance with wizards, elves, etc. in a land the heroine stepped into from a mural. I then did three novellas, one ghost story and two vampire stories. But even in paranormal romance, there is an element of horror sometimes. My ghost story novella, See Me, was criticized by a fellow author because I had mixed humor and violence in the same story. See Me is kind of snarky, with some funny things that happen, but there is a pretty violent scene in it. I don’t see anything wrong with mixing humor and violence. Even in this story, I had a tiny bit of horror. Then along came The Gnome. It was my first attempt at an actual horror story. I wasn’t sure how I would do with the fight scenes, but one of my beta readers said I nailed it, so that was a relief. Two readers told me that the story creeped them out and one of them actually dreamed of a giggling gnome. Good. That means I did my job. The story stayed with them.

So, after saying all that, I’m wondering if I’m going to end up writing horror instead of paranormal romance. My last book, Soul of a Vampire, actually was paranormal romance, but there was a little element of horror, I think. And, now, my current WIP is looking like it’s going to be horror. This one, honestly, was supposed to be a paranormal romance about a ghost. Now the ghost is kind of secondary in the story, and there’s a truly horrible thing happening in the town. This story just took a different turn than I originally imagined. There is going to be a supernatural element to the horror. So I’m wondering if my whole genre is going to change. Or am I going to dabble in more than one genre? Am I really going to end up being a horror writer? Or are The Gnome and my current WIP just me veering off my normal path for awhile? And do I have to really know the answer right now? Or can I just enjoy the journey and see where everything goes? That’s part of the fun, right?

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The Gnome has finally been released on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. Yay!

One of my older books, Starfane, has had a sudden increase in sales. Not a huge increase, but enough to make me wonder what’s going on. I have never understood why certain books sell at certain times. Marketing would be so much easier, wouldn’t it.

Now it’s time to buckle down and work on my WIP that I stopped working on to publish The Gnome. Also, I’ve been abandoning my exercise routine, but I want to get that back on track this week.

How about the rest of you?

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How many of you like a good plot twist? One that surprises the heck out of you. I do. The trouble is, I read so much that I can almost always figure out the “surprise”. That’s not always that bad. I had someone email me about my book Starfane, and she said even though she kind of saw what was coming, it was a joy ride getting there. I took that as a compliment, but it would have been nice to surprise her. Some readers get what’s going to happen in Starfane, and some people don’t.

But I’m digressing, because I didn’t start this post meaning to talk about Starfane. I’m talking about Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson and Marshall Karp. I’m listening to the audiobook, and the story is told partly in first person and partly in third. When you’re listening to the first person POV, you feel like you really know the person who’s speaking. But suddenly, he’s not who you thought he was. In fact, I rewound three times because I thought I was hearing something wrong. I was floored. I didn’t see it coming. I don’t want to spoil the surprise in case some of you plan to read this book later, so I won’t say what happened. But I was just delighted at the fact that I had been fooled. The plot twist was completely unexpected to me.

How about you? Do you care if you’re surprised or not? Do you love a good plot twist? Would you rather be fooled or would you rather figure it out? I would love to hear from you.

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These were my goals for this round:

1. Write at least 500 words per day as an average. Did it!

2. Publish the third Libby Fox novella during Round 4. Done! Title: Search for the Vampires’ Curse

3. Publish Starfane in print sometime during Round 4. Check.

4. Publish a collection of three of my novellas in print during Round 4 (if my cover artist and I can get together on this one that soon). I didn’t get this done, so it will carry over to the next round.

5. Exercise at least three times a week, for 30 minutes at a time, so that I’ll feel better and get my writing goals accomplished more easily. Massive fail!

The first three goals were the most important to me, so I feel like I did okay this round. Now I need to think about my goals for the next round, which will be stated when that round starts. It’s been fun!

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Just a quick check in since I’m at work and I’m SWAMPED with figuring prices and making spreadsheets.

I finished the third (and last) Libby Fox novella Sunday night. I think the cover is ready. I just need to 1) Edit, 2) Send to beta readers, 3) Think of a title!

Also, I sent my Starfane files to CreateSpace and have ordered a proof copy. Keeping my fingers crossed that it looks ok.

How are the rest of you doing?

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Hi fellow ROW80ers!

I was 1397 words over my cumulative goal, but I took a day off last night, so I’m only over 897 as of this morning. I’m definitely going to take days off along the way, but only if I’m ahead. I wrote about 1000 words in the last scene, but I’m kind of contemplating what I want to happen next.

Exercise was once again a massive fail. I’m having timing problems with the exercise, and I need to get into a routine. Work has been so busy, it leaves me exhausted by the end of the day. But I know if I exercise I’ll feel better.

I’m getting very close to finished with my proofing of Starfane for print. I already have it formatting, I just need to make sure there’s no typos, etc.

I’ll be popping over to some other people’s blog off and on during the day.

Oh, and check out Fairytale Nerd, where she’s interviewing me today. 🙂

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Today I submitted Haunted Lake to CreateSpace for a print version. I’m really nervous, and I think my cover designer, Anya Kelleye, is nervous, too. The cover is going to be iffy. I love it, but sometimes there’s an issue with color on this particular cover. And it looks different on the computer screen than it does when I print it out on our color laser here at work. Also, I hope all the errors in the interior have been fixed. When Anya and I did the print version for Jonathan Eli’s book, The Last Cabbandeum, we were delighted at how it turned out. Her cover was perfect. The interior I did looked great. So, hopefully, we did okay on this one. If not, we can always redo it and order another proof. It costs more to do that, but it has to be right.

After this, I’m going to work on getting Starfane in print. Then, I’m going to do a three novella set in one book with Club Blood, See Me, and Guardian Vampire. I may have said this before, but I joked about calling it “Loving the Dead and the Undead”. :0)

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Hello, fellow ROW80ers! How is everyone doing?

As of last night, I was 5,332 words over my goal of 500 words per day. I should be at 10,000, but am at 15,332. I haven’t written yet today, since I always write in the evenings. I should get even more ahead because I have some ideas for the next scene that will be more than 500 words worth.

I’m a little concerned about in what direction this story is going. There was some violence in the last scene that I didn’t know was going to happen. Some of it was close to being a little “unusual”, and I don’t know where that came from. I haven’t written anything like that since I wrote Starfane. But the story will go where it goes. I usually let my characters do what they want to do. But it’s going way beyond a PG rating at this point, at least in my opinion.

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As of last night, I was 1831 words ahead of my cumulative goal. At one point, I was 2331 words ahead, but I opted for lying on the couch instead of writing due to a sore throat and a migraine. I plan on writing a little more than my word count goal tonight.

On another note…it’s very true that book covers can make a difference in book sales. My cover artist and I recently decided to change the cover on my novel, Starfane. This novel is her favorite and my mom’s favorite (it’s definitely the steamiest). It never has sold as well as I hoped, but when we changed the cover recently, sales definitely picked up. When Anya first started doing my covers, I couldn’t afford to pay her, and she didn’t have a good program to work from. Now I can pay her and she has a good design program. This book is about three men (and the heroine), but it also takes place in a magical world which I think the new cover depicts. What do you think about the difference in the covers? The old one looks very amateurist. (Anya thinks the old cover might lead people to believe it’s a male menage a trois, LOL)

Old cover

New Cover

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