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I had no idea what to expect from this series. I had mentioned to my husband that we should DVR it, and then later he said we should DVR it…like it was his idea. LOL. Anyway, I thought it would be a little weird…but I had no idea.

This couple buys a house that’s apparently haunted, because you get to see glimpses of ghosts from time to time. But I find the characters on the show to be weirder than the haunting. There’s some nudity in the first show of the series, especially with Dylan McDermott walking around naked. I’ve always thought he was really cute, but I’ve never thought of him as sexy. I still don’t. There’s a neighbor who’s older, and she has a Down Syndrome daughter. This woman is very strange. I still can’t decide if she’s just weird or if she’s something supernatural. There’s a psycho teenage boy, a housekeeper who looks different to the husband than she does to the wife (I won’t spoil things by telling you how it’s different), and various other unusual characters. I’m not going to say any more because I don’t do spoilers.

This is the thing. As repulsed as I was about parts of this show, I couldn’t stop watching it. I sat through both episodes we had recorded, mesmerized. I’ll say the same thing about this show that I’ve said about True Blood. It’s like a train wreck…you don’t WANT to look, but you can’t help it. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode. One important thing I’ve learned…do NOT watch this show while you’re eating. I made that mistake.


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