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ROW80 and Disney World

For my ROW80 check in…I haven’t written a word in eight days. I took my computer to Disney World with me, thinking I would have time to write. I never opened my laptop. My feet have never hurt so bad in my life. I think my friends were trying to kill me. We were at the park until 1:00 am on Monday and midnight on Wednesday. And 9 and 10 the other days. But you have to add the time it takes to catch the bus back to the hotel. I had a great time, but I’m glad to be home.

For those of you just wanting a ROW80 update, you don’t have to read further unless you want to. I want to talk about a couple of things and I don’t want to do two posts. But you’ll miss eye candy.

One thing I realized is how well behaved my friend’s eight year old son is. Most of the kids there are apparently ignored by their parents while they are at Disney and aren’t taught good manners. I don’t know how many times I was hit, kicked, and bumped into while standing in line. No “excuse me” or “I’m sorry” from any of them but one or two. I wanted to hit their parents.

On a more INTERESTING note. This is my favorite attraction at Disney World. His name is Luca.

Believe me when I tell you, these pictures do NOT do him justice. He was our waiter at the Italian restaurant, and he had the most amazing accent. And he was very sweet. But my husband wouldn’t have appreciated me bringing him home as a souvenir. As an author, the first thing I thought of was how I would love to have him on a book cover. But he would have thought I was weird if I asked him what time he got off from work so I could take some pictures. LOL. I wish he wasn’t smiling in both of these pics…it makes him look like a little boy, and that makes me seem…well…creepy. Hahahahahaha.


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