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Is September almost here? Wow, where did the summer go? But I’m really looking forward to fall. The cool breezes, the colorful leaves, Halloween.

I’ve been hard at work, reading through Fire Wizard before I send it out to beta readers. Here’s the problem. I’m finding little typos and places where I want to reword stuff. But I’m not finding any major changes that need to be made yet. I know when the love scenes (NOT sex scenes) come up, I’ll need to expand a bit on those. But the actual story up to this point seems pretty tight. I always worry about this because everyone always talks about revisions and rewrites, etc., so I think I’m supposed to do those, too. But I rarely have to do any major overhauls. Which makes me wonder if I just don’t see those things. And, yet, my two MAIN beta readers are VERY good authors, and they don’t usually suggest anything TOO major, either. And I respect their opinions a LOT. Have I just been doing this so long that my first draft is already pretty tight? Is it because I’m an “edit as I go” writer? We are told not to do that, but here’s what I usually do. I don’t edit the chapter I’m working on. But before I start a new chapter, I always go back to the chapter before and make changes that need to be made, while that part of the story is still fresh on my mind. Maybe that’s why the first draft is close to ready. Because I’m already tweaking it while I’m writing it. I just don’t know. Maybe experience plus continual tweaking is the reason. I hope that’s it instead of me just being too clueless to see I need to fix stuff. Again, I trust my beta readers, and they would tell me. And who knows, maybe they WILL find something that needs major overhauling in this one. (I hope not, LOL.) We’ll see. I can’t wait to see what they think.

What about you? Do you just spit out words as fast as you can and THEN do revisions, or do you constantly tweak as you go like I do? (That doesn’t mean I don’t sprint sometimes, but I would go back and fix everything the next day, LOL.) I would love to know if there’s anyone out there like me or if I’m just weird. Really, really weird. LOL

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I said in my last post I was finally finished with Fire Wizard. Now I’m in edits. It’s weird, but I’m loving this story. That never guarantees everyone else will, but I keep thinking, if I like it this much, if it entertains me even though I know what happens next, surely someone will like it. 🙂 It’s been a long time since I wrote the part I’m editing right now, so it’s almost like reading something new.

I hope I can get this published in about 3 weeks. It depends on my beta readers and also on my cover artist. Anya said this cover is kicking her butt. LOL. But that’s because she wants it to be GOOD. And when you’re dealing with FIRE….

Soon, I want to start on my mystery. I still can’t decide if I want to publish that one under another name. There are reasons I want to, but everyone already knows Lauralynn. I would have to sort of start over. I’m not sure that’s necessarily a bad thing since I’m not selling squat right now. I guess I’ll decide after publishing Fire Wizard and seeing how that goes.

I hope everyone is having a happy Sunday!

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Finally! A check-in where I can say “it’s done!”. Fire Wizard is officially finished. Well, not the editing part, but the writing part. I finally got all the cat litter cleaned out of my office (which I share with the cats) and I felt like writing in it again. I sat at the desk and typed away. The next thing I knew, hubby was saying goodbye. I’m like “What? It’s not time for you to go to work.” Then I looked at the time, and it was after 10:00 PM. Where had the time gone? I was THAT into the story.

Now that it’s done, I’m seriously worried about the ending. Is it too bland? Too sappy? I’m bad about sappy endings. I guess my beta readers will tell me. 🙂 I’ve struggled a lot with this book. I think it was more about having too many other things to do and not having time for it. But I’m learning to use my time more wisely, even though I have so little of it. Ah, evil day job, how you take up so much of my time!

What have YOU accomplished this week?

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Wow, it’s already time to state Round 3 goals. Where did the time go?

1. Finish and publish Fire Wizard
2. Start my mystery and my science fiction
3. Write a MINIMUM of five hours per week
4. Work on my line editing jobs a MINIMUM of ten hours per week

Yes, I know I have twice as much time dedicated to editing other people’s work than my own, but I have to go where the money is since I’m broke. LOL

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This will be short and sweet. My goals were to write at least 15,000 words per month and to get my WIP ready for publishing by June 30. Neither of those goals will be met. According to my Supernatural (love Sam, Dean, and Cas!) spreadsheet, I would have to write 1898 words per day through the end of the month to make that goal. Not gonna happen. Maybe without the full-time job, but not working 40 hours a week. I really wanted the print version of Fire Wizard ready to take to the book fair at RNC, but it’s just not possible now. I’ve been concentrating on things that have to be done. Some of that is over now, so maybe I’ll get going in the next round. See ya then!

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This isn’t a huge secret, I just hadn’t said anything yet. So I’m going to let you all see the cover model for my next book. Some of my friends and “co-horts” already know who it is. But since the book should be out within the next couple of months, I think it’s time to tell everyone. Drum roll, please….

James and Me!

James and Me!

This is James Magnussen, and he’s not only gorgeous, but he’s a genuinely nice guy. Very friendly, but he’s also very professional when it comes to the business end of things. So ladies (or gentlemen), if you need a cover model, and James fits the bill, you can contact him on Facebook at James D Magnussen. Okay, so I’m in the picture, too, but I didn’t have one of him by himself. LOL

So, ladies (and gentlemen?), what do you think? Doesn’t he look like the perfect Fire Wizard??? Cover reveal will come in a few weeks, I hope.

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I got a whopping 5,348 words written on Fire Wizard this past week. That feels awesome!

I’ve been trying to loosely plot the cozy mystery I’m thinking of doing under a different pen name. I’ll have to say, those people who write these on a regular basis have acquired genius status in my eyes. To have to figure out “whodunit” and why. And then all the investigative stuff. It makes me want to pull my hair out. I don’t know if I can do this or not, but I’m giving it a whirl. It’s good for writers to step outside their comfort zone. If it works, great. If I can’t live with the frustration…at least I can say I took the leap.

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I wasn’t sure if it was fair to post an excerpt so soon since the book won’t be out, probably, until the end of June. But I just couldn’t help myself *grins wickedly*


Thirty minutes later, the scanner came to life, a voice shouting out information and orders. Finn pulled on his clothes from the day before and started out the door, pulling his hair into a band to get it out of the way. He jumped into his Jeep and took off down the winding mountain road as fast as he dared. When he got to the fire, he saw there were two houses involved, and it looked like the whole fire department was trying to contain this one.

Since the other fires had been so hot they couldn’t put them out, it looked like the first thing on the firefighters’ agenda was to saturate the surrounding houses and lawns to make sure the fire didn’t spread. Finn watched helplessly as the men and one tiny woman fought to hold the blazes back. He wanted so badly to help, but what could he do? Fire wizards could only take back their own fires. They weren’t able to do a thing about fires started by others.

He rushed to one of the firefighters who was working with a hose, and asked, “Were there any people in the fire?”

“Entire families in both. We couldn’t get them out.”

That’s when he saw her. The woman who was constantly on his mind. She was sitting in the grass sobbing, and her boss was trying to console her, but it didn’t seem to be doing any good. He knew what had happened…she had rushed in to try to save the people in the houses and wasn’t able to. Could she possibly be what he was beginning to suspect she was? A female? He shook his head. The council would have known.

Suddenly, she locked eyes with him, and a strange thrill went through his body. Why was she affecting him like this? She jumped up and started toward him, and he quickly disappeared into the shadows, his breath coming fast. He couldn’t let her see him. He knew she suspected him of being an arsonist. Finn knew they had a tendency to stay around and watch the fire they set, and she had seen him at every fire. He should have been more careful.

He was finally able to get to his car and drive off before she found him. From now on, he needed to keep himself hidden from this observant woman. He was hoping there wouldn’t be another opportunity for her to see him, but he knew if the council couldn’t find the rogue wizard soon, there would be another fire. And another. He wouldn’t stop. It was worse than being an arsonist. Fire wizards could get high on starting fires if they weren’t careful. The feeling of power surging through them was addictive, and that’s why they were trained to control themselves and their feelings at an early age. Sometimes, although it was rare, the training didn’t take. Or the control eroded. From what Finn knew of their history, this hadn’t happened in a very long time. He hoped the council could get this taken care of and fast.

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I’ve missed a couple of check-ins, but I’ve been concentrating on my Facebook release party for Hearts of Evil. That happened last night, and it was a LOT of fun. I didn’t know what to expect, but I think it went extremely well. If any of you have any questions about how to do a release party, let me know. There was a lot of conversation. I had all my questions in a Word document so I could just copy/paste them onto the page. I had all my prizes numbered so I would know which prize went with which question. But carrying on multiple conversations for four hours absolutely wore me out! I never dreamed I would be so tired. My husband brought me a Diet Coke and my medicine when it was time. All I had for dinner was corn chips and sugar free candy. LOL. Will I do this again with my next release? Probably. I had some book sales that I’m pretty sure came from the party attendees. I know some of them did. And it was fun. And maybe by the time the next one rolls around, hubby will be back to work and I can afford some better prizes. Although, I think everyone enjoyed the keychains and book thongs marks. Kait knows about the thongs, LOL.

So…it’s time to get back to writing Fire Wizard. I really hope I can keep the momentum going on this one. I already have a cover model lined up for a photo shoot in May, so I’m excited about that.

Hey, it’s snowing again! I’m taking a snow day today! 🙂

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Wow, is it February already? One weather model is predicting a big snow next weekend. The weather that comes toward us often passes us by, even when it’s predicted. I think it’s because we’re in the valley. I will admit, I would love to see a big snow. Well, we had one last week, but this other one is supposed to be bigger. I’m not holding my breath.

I didn’t get my 5000 words in this week. I made it to 2580. I usually write more on Saturdays than any other day, but yesterday I spent a lot of the day making key chain swag for prizes for my FB book release party. I finally have a tentative date in mind, but I want to make sure I can have everything ready for it before announcing.

There’s been someone I’ve wanted for my cover model for my WIP, Fire Wizard, for a long time, and we’ve finally come to an agreement. He’s agreed to let us do some custom shots, and I’m really excited (even though I won’t be there). Anya is doing the shots for me. This has made me even more motivated to get this book done! 🙂 More about that when the time grows closer. I must make you wait!

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