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I said in my last post I was finally finished with Fire Wizard. Now I’m in edits. It’s weird, but I’m loving this story. That never guarantees everyone else will, but I keep thinking, if I like it this much, if it entertains me even though I know what happens next, surely someone will like it. 🙂 It’s been a long time since I wrote the part I’m editing right now, so it’s almost like reading something new.

I hope I can get this published in about 3 weeks. It depends on my beta readers and also on my cover artist. Anya said this cover is kicking her butt. LOL. But that’s because she wants it to be GOOD. And when you’re dealing with FIRE….

Soon, I want to start on my mystery. I still can’t decide if I want to publish that one under another name. There are reasons I want to, but everyone already knows Lauralynn. I would have to sort of start over. I’m not sure that’s necessarily a bad thing since I’m not selling squat right now. I guess I’ll decide after publishing Fire Wizard and seeing how that goes.

I hope everyone is having a happy Sunday!

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Is is REALLY time for Round 2? Seriously? It seems like just yesterday….

Anyway, I’ve tried to find a doable word count goal. I’ve done those in the past, and I’ve done time goals. Daily goals, weekly goals, on and on. It’s so hard to find a good fit. Then I saw these spreadsheets. Word Count Spreadsheets. How can you not love a spreadsheet with Sam and Dean? I have my own word count spreadsheet, but these spreadsheets are full of awesome! And if you’re more into fantasy, check out THESE. It got me thinking about a MONTHLY word count. That way, if I have a bad week, I can still make up for it with a good week. I’m going to give that a shot and try for 15,000 words per month. The spreadsheets have all kinds of bells and whistles, letting you know how you’ve done, what you still need to do, percentages, etc. This website is also where I got my word count meter.

Now on to another thing. I have an idea for a…hmmm, what shall we call it? Cozy mystery? Romantic mystery? There will be a romance and a murder mystery. There will be food involved. And it will be okay, because it’s part of what the shero does, so no one can say I’m talking about food too much. I’m looking at you, Pink Hammer. Bwa ha ha. And this is where I have to decide if I’m going to use Lauralynn or my real name or another pen name. I’ve been seriously thinking about creating a publishing company so I can publish under that imprint for two different names. The only drawback to doing this is that I would need to buy my own ISBN numbers instead of letting Smashwords (for ebooks) and CreateSpace (for print books) assign the ISBN, which would show those two entities as publishers. I would like some opinions and feedback on this. If I understand the process correctly, you have to have one ISBN for print and another for ebooks. But I THINK you can use the same ISBN number for the ebooks at all retailers. You just can’t use the same one for e and for print. Is this correct?

So that’s all for now. I would love to hear your comments!

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I’ve missed a couple of updates because there wasn’t much to report. I’ve been out of town, and if you want to see pictures, check out my previous post. Anyway….

I finished edits on Hearts of Evil. Here’s the publishing holdup. My two beta readers strongly disagree on a chapter I inserted close to the beginning after the book was written. One beta thinks I should take it out, the other thinks I should leave it. They both have VERY valid reasons for their opinion. And I just can’t decide. So I’m having a couple of other people take a look and see what they think. I know the ultimate decision is mine, but it’s hard when both beta readers could be right for different reasons. The good thing is, they both really liked the story. 🙂 Another thing that’s holding me up is I want to do a FB release party, but I have to get all the prizes together. Luckily, I have most of what I need since I can’t afford to buy anything else right now, but it’s the putting everything together that will take a little time. I want to thank Ruth Ann Nordin for giving me some good ideas about questions to ask for the release party.

Now on to my other project. I sat down and wrote the first chapter of Fire Wizard last night. I don’t know why I always have this fear when I start a book. I’ve done this a dozen or more times, but I’m always scared to death when I start. Well, I didn’t used to be, but I’ve felt that way for the last two or three projects. I need to get over this silliness!

I hope to get in about 5,000 words per week now that I’ve actually started on the book. I hope you all are doing this with less fear than I am!

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To finish this stinkin’ WIP!!!

Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said it quite like that. But I’m kind of frustrated with myself because I’ve let other things take precedence over my writing. Some things SHOULD have taken precedence, but not everything. I did do some writing on Saturday. I churned out over 4,000 words on a short story for an anthology I was invited to participate in. All proceeds go to Unicef. More about that later.

I’m going to try to write at least 3,000 words per week until I get this book finished. I have the last few chapters figured out, but there are about six chapters in the beginning of the last half of the book that I have no clue about. I’ll get there, though.

Here’s hoping this round will be more productive than the last two. I’ve been with ROW80 since the very beginning. I was one of the first sponsors. I’ve loved this writing challenge for the almost three years it’s been in existence, and I plan on sticking with it as long as Kait keeps it up. I used to be so much more productive, and I really hope I can get that enthusiasm back. I think part of my discouragement is book sales. I’ve talked to other authors, and most of them are really struggling with sales. There are so many more ebooks to choose from than there used to be. I think the key is to just keep writing and publishing so I’ll have more books out there. I think another thing that’s keeping me from churning out words like I used to is that my plots are getting more complicated. This is all an interesting journey, isn’t it?

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I was going to upload SoaV during lunch today. Then I realized I needed a blurb. Duh. Then Amazon says KDP is not working and to come back later. Seriously? So, right now, SoaV is up on Smashwords only. Here is the link. Soul of a Vampire. Hopefully, Amazon will be up and working tonight so I can upload. And I plan to do B & N tonight, too. Right now, I’m off to file several reports to several different states. Stupid day job. (Just kidding…I actually like my day job!)

Keep checking back on my blog to see what I’m giving away in honor of publishing Soul of a Vampire. (I’ll post that when SoaV is published on all venues.) All I’m saying is that it’s pretty and it relates to something in the book. 😉

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Where is the time going? It’s already getting close to the middle of October!

I finally finished edits on Soul of a Vampire. Everything is almost ready. I say almost because I always let my mom have a go at my manuscript before publishing. She’s caught things that NO ONE else has. She doesn’t see very well, so I still can’t figure out how she does it. LOL. Also, I think Anya had a couple of questions, so I need to get those from her. So it’s almost time. Publishing should happen this week or the beginning of next week. Once again, I have something going on to distract me from writing stuff. Our church congregation does a little dinner and program for our senior citizens every year, and I’m part of the entertainment. So there’s practicing, rehearsing, then the real thing. I hope I can find a really being pair of overalls. Got you curious now, haven’t I?

So what do the rest of you think of the Author Rank thing going on at Amazon?

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The year 2011 was a good one for me. I published three novellas, one novel (I keep forgetting about this because I actually wrote this in 2010), and made some pretty good money. I didn’t make every single goal I tried for (especially in the weight loss area), but I’m not disappointed in the writing goals I met.

My goals for 2012, Round One:

1. Finish a novel I started last year by writing an average of at least 500 words per day.
2. Work 30 minutes a day on proofing and formatting three novellas that I’m combining in a print collection. (The three novellas are available individually as ebooks.)
3. Exercise (aerobic and/or weight lifting) at least 30 minutes, three days a week. At some point, I hope to revise this goal to include more, but I want to start small so I won’t get discouraged.
4. Work on at least one house cleaning related chore per day, more on Saturdays. It’s not fair that my husband does the lion’s share of the house cleaning. This is a big guilt trip for me.

Those are my goals for Round One. I have a few more personal goals, too, but they are religious in nature, and I don’t really want to state them here. I hope everyone has a great year in 2012 with lots of success. I’ll try to get around to as many ROW80 blogs as possible to give a little encouragement. And I’m always here if anyone needs to vent or has any questions about my experiences in the last couple of years. Good lucky, everyone!

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