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Wow, it’s already time to state Round 3 goals. Where did the time go?

1. Finish and publish Fire Wizard
2. Start my mystery and my science fiction
3. Write a MINIMUM of five hours per week
4. Work on my line editing jobs a MINIMUM of ten hours per week

Yes, I know I have twice as much time dedicated to editing other people’s work than my own, but I have to go where the money is since I’m broke. LOL

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I can’t believe it’s actually that time again! I really meant to finish my WIP in Round 2, but those of you who’ve followed my blog know that I was a slacker. I bounced back the last couple of weeks of the round, but it was way too late. Anyway, here are my goals for Round 3.

1. Finish my WIP by writing one hour per day, five days a week (Sundays and Wednesdays are church days, so I intend to take those days off unless I’m itching to write).

2. Proof Vampires’ Curse a second time, then format it for print.

3. Exercise five days a week.

Some writers have said they only want to post writing goals on their blog, and they won’t talk about anything else, but I’m a firm believer in putting all of myself out there and connecting with people. I also believe that exercise goals HELP with writing goals.

Good luck to everyone this round, and if there’s anything I can ever do to help, please let me know! We are all about support here at ROW80!

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